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 Weekly Hours:
Wednesday 13th -Closed for installation
Thursday 14th – Closed for installation
Friday 15th –  Closed for installation
Saturday 16th – Fire Museum Presents: Erik Ruin’s Ominous Cloud Ensemble 8pm FREE


August 11th – September 10th
Opening Reception Thursday August 11th, 6-10pm

The Icebox Project Space and Marginal Utility are proud to present Unlisted, a unique art fair setting that focuses on curation through a thoughtful interplay between 13 spaces arranged by Philadelphia based curators, gallerists and artists.

Each of the 13 spaces will present a small autonomous exhibition that converses with its direct neighbor as well as the entire Icebox space, expanding out to a broader consideration of the current climate of Philadelphia’s established and growing arts communities.

This intergenerational fair will highlight the various modes of creative production and exhibition strategies that are deployed by the curators through their inclusion of international, national, and regionally shown artists that define this current moment throughout Philadelphia.

Curators, gallerists and artist-curators shape the visual culture of the city that they live in, and each exhibition presented by Unlisted is a testament to the generative capacity that exhibitions can have within a strong and vital art scene.

–new conversations become new ideas.

The wide range of artists presented within Unlisted reflect the emerging cosmopolitan shift that is unfolding throughout the city. This cross section of curatorial approaches attempts to articulate Philadelphia’s place in the national arts conversation and orient ourselves towards what’s yet to come.

Amber Arts- Linda Fernandez, Keir Johnston, Ernel Martinez
Daniel Dalseth
Kate Kraczon
Christopher Gianunzio
Lord Ludd- Mylinh Nguyen and Gideon Barnett
Brandywine Workshop and Archives- Jose Ortiz Pagan
Bree Pickering
Sid Sachs
Anthony Romero and Abigail Satinsky
Shelley Spector
Judith Tannenbaum
Nato Thompson
Richard Torchia 













Fire Museum Presents: Erik Ruin’s Ominous Cloud Ensemble

Saturday, July 23rd 8:00 PM

“Play Death More Sweetly”, an immersive atmosphere of largely improvised projections (including as many as 4 overhead projectors manipulated by visual artist Erik Ruin), musicians (care of his group the Ominous Cloud Ensemble) and movement (featuring dancer Asimina Chremos, perhaps more), with many performers scattered throughout the darkened space. The hour-long performance will incorporate fragments of text from Paul Celan’s iconic post-WW2 poem “Todesfuge” and exploring the themes of terror and mortality it evokes.

Erik Ruin’s Ominous Cloud Ensemble :

Erik Ruin’s Ominous Cloud Ensemble is an ever-evolving, collectively-improvising large ensemble for projections and music, led by visual artist Erik Ruin, recently lauded by the New York Times for his “spell-binding cut-paper animations.” Erik manipulates intricate paper-cuts and painted films on overhead projectors to create abstract landscapes and fragmentary scenes that are nonetheless charged with meaning, merging with music that ranges from dark atmospherics to ecstatic peaks of dissonance. Members of the ensemble include a rotating cast of Philly’s finest musicians, who have collaborated with everyone from Anthony Braxton to the Sun Ra Arkestra to Chris Forsyth to Spires That In the Sunset Rise.

Asimina Chremos:

Asimina Chremos is a dancer/artist with interest in the continua between form and flow, nature and culture, repetition and change, and discipline and pleasure. She began her artistic career as a ballet dancer and has since moved into improvisational and experimental dance, often performing with improvising musicians. Her aesthetic is also reflected in works of freeform lace crochet.

Icebox BBQ

Fundraiser in support of upcoming show “Unlisted”

Saturday, July 30th 2:00 PM
$10 – $40 sliding scale

Join us for food and beverages provided by Icebox Project Space and Marginal Utility. This event will help support the upcoming show in August:


August 11th – September 10th

Unlisted will be a unique opportunity to bring together curators from across the city in an environment that encourages unexpected comparisons and cross-links. The Icebox will be divided into 13 areas, one for each participating curator, with some areas being more advantageous for floor or ceiling works, some better for 2D, and all creating a greater conversation.

Organized in collaboration with Yuka Yokoyama and David Dempewolf.


The Icebox Project Space is proud to announce its Sound Residency Series

The Icebox is hosting sound-based artists within the space for periods between a few hours and up to 6 weeks, with a focus on experimentation and exploration of the unique acoustic properties of the Icebox (formerly an enormous walk-in freezer, which accounts for some of its unusual characteristics). At the end of each residency, the Icebox will release a track online and at the end of 2016, we intend to compile the tracks onto an LP, as a sonic document.