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Semi-Transparent, 2016 (still), courtesy of the artist

Announcing the Icebox 2018 Video Residency, Lisa Marie Patzer!

The Icebox Project Space is pleased to support local video artist Lisa Marie Patzer as the recipient of its 2018 Video Residency. The video residency program, entering its inaugural year, is intended to provide financial, technical, and consulting support for an artist to create a new work that utilizes the gallery’s unique multi-media projection system. Patzer is a Philadelphia-based video, web, and new media artist whose work deals with topics at the intersection of technology, identity politics, and the public sphere. During her residency, Patzer will work closely with the technical and spatial offerings of the gallery to create a new site specific video installation titled, “A Reasonable Expectation of Privacy.” Looking at the history of technological advances in surveillance and Supreme Court rulings on the Fourth Amendment, this project will engage the audience to question what is a reasonable expectation of privacy in the 21st century.

Semi-Transparent, 2016 (still), courtesy of the artist

The Icebox is excited to host 8static’s fifth annual three-day music and video festival, Thursday through Saturday, November 9th-11th, beginning each evening at 6 p.m with a warm-up DJ set.
Promising the finest sounds and sights the chiptune scene has to offer; original live music and visual art created using old video game hardware and a modern spin on “obsolete” technology such as vintage electronics.
For the fifth consecutive year, 8static Festival will host more than 30 national and international electronic musicians and visual artists.
For tickets and more info, please visit

The Icebox Project Space – Sound Residency Series

The Icebox is hosting sound-based artists within the space for periods between a few hours and up to 6 weeks, with a focus on experimentation and exploration of the unique acoustic properties of the Icebox (formerly an enormous walk-in freezer, which accounts for some of its unusual characteristics). At the end of each residency, the Icebox will release a track online.


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Past events and exhibitions

Distance≠Time, image by Neighboring States

Distance≠Time, was an immersive multimedia exhibition featuring the efforts of two collectives that investigated relationships between science and the self: the Dr. Pawel Norway Dream Machine, an interactive installation and performance by the Culture Industry Dot Club, and Time Camp 001, artworks, multimedia workshops, and lectures by the Black Quantum Futurism. This five-week exhibition ran from September 6th to October 14th and featured interactive performances, lectures and a panel discussion.

Distance≠Time, image by Neighboring States


Human Festival 01, October 21st 

Human Festival was a wide-view compendium of contemporary practices at the intersections of Experimental Music, Performance Art, Dance, Publishing and Visual Arts; both Nationally and Internationally. Human Festival seeks to utilize the hallowed structures of these aforementioned modes to hold a space in which art can be intimate, responsive and mischievous; a generous laboratory without partition.
Organized by Jim Strong

I have been in the tutor at Human Festival 01

Antonia at Human Festival 01

Maddie Hewitt at Human Festival 01