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Mobile Home Rally 2015








2015 Philadelphia Mobile Home Rally

The Icebox Project Space at Crane Arts is proud to announce a CALL FOR ENTRIES for the 2015 Philadelphia Mobile Home Rally! This year’s one-day exhibition will be held on August 1st. Following in the footsteps of the popular 2012 and 2014 Philadelphia Pickup Truck Expos, this event promises all of the excitement of seeing dirty, used and abused artist’s pickups as objects of beauty and sites for installation, while now being OPEN TO ALL VEHICLES! That’s right, you heard us. You got a classic VW bus? You got a ’92 Ford Festiva? Still holding on to that Delorean? WE WANT TO SEE WHAT YOU CAN DO WITH IT!

This years entries will be judged on the concept of “Mobile Home” by jurors Timothy Belknap and Ryan McCartney, directors of the Icebox Project Space. Create a dwelling, living space, collapsible campsite, rolling motel. Show us what it means to you. Bonus points for indoor plumbing.

Deadline for submissions is July 5th.


Rules and Regulation

-No running vehicles during exhibition

-Please remember: the floor of the Icebox Project Space is porous. Please notify the Icebox of any vehicles leaks or of any liquids to be used for the project

-No pets, livestock, or invasive species

-Vehicles can arrive in the space as early as July 27th (if extended setup or construction time is required); Vehicles must be in the Icebox by July 31st. Vehicles CANNOT be wider than 87” or they will not be able to fit through the doors!

-Loadout is no later than Sunday, August 2nd. Everything that comes in with you leaves with you!

Please fill out the submission form for entry; we request that you also send up to 3 images or drawings (of 1 mb or less) to Please include your name along with the images.





Feeding Speculation: Annual Predictive Texts

Feeding Speculation is a publication recently released by Tim Belknap and Ryan McCartney, the directors of the Icebox Project Space. At the start of 2015, the Icebox Project Space approached several friends with a simple idea: share a meal with someone, and over the course of conversation arrive at a prediction for the coming week, year, decade or more. A number of people participated, sitting down to dinner with friends, significant others, and family members, whether over a homecooked meal or out at a restaurant. The gamut of ideas that arose from these conversations ranged from predictions for the next day to far into the future, from projections for one’s own life to musings on the fate of the entire world. These predictions were then put into this publication, Feeding Speculation: Annual Predictive Texts, which was released at the Second Thursday of February 2015.

Please email us at for your free copy.


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Summer 2015

Events & Performances:

6/25 – 6/28
Supper, People On the Move
Choreographed and Directed by Silvana Cardell
Performed by the Cardell Dance Theatre
Supper, People on the Move is inspired by themes of migration and explores the complex experience of dislocation. Featuring stunning choreography, eight dancers of supreme ability and daring physicality, the highly regarded music of Nick Zammuto, special guest artists, and even a communal feast to end the performance, Supper, People on the Move promises to be an exhilarating and emotionally powerful event.

July 9th
Choreographed by Kim Brandt
Silhouette is a dance performance made for the 100 foot wall at The Ice Box in Philadelphia, PA. It will be performed by Anna Adams Stark, Liz Charky, Jessica Cook, Courtney Cooke, Katie Dean, Greer Dworman, Tess Dworman, Kyli Kleven and Steve May, and will take place on July 9th from 7 pm to 9 pm. It is free and open to the public.

Past Events:

6/13 and 6/14
Presented by Inliquid: Art For the Cash Poor

5/6 – 5/30
No Meat in Team: University of Pennsylvania and Tyler School of Art MFA Exhibitions

4/1 – 4/26
Victory for Tyler

3/12 – 3/14
20/92 Open Video Call: Juried by Alex Da Corte

3/7   8pm.     $10 / $7 students
Presented by Philadelphia Sound Forum and the Icebox Project Space:Tim Feeney and Seth Cluett

Feeding Speculation: Publication Release

Inliquid Benefifteen

1/8 – 1/20
Body Politic: Contemporary artists in Australia investigate place, identity, memory and history through the graphic image. Co-curated by Richard Hricko and Amze Emmons.

12/11 – 12/19
Unknown Territory: New Art From The Hacktory

12/11- 12/21
I Feel Love: Chad States

12/18, 12/19
The Big Bang Project: Ezra Masch

11/3 – 11/14
hold it, control: Meg Foley and J Louise Makary

AWFUL Wrestling

Begin Where You Are