Too often artists are asked to submit and exhibit with no compensation. The Icebox will offer a $500 stipend to a selected artist, to be used at their discretion, with the aim of completing and screening of a new video work in the Icebox, Spring 2018.

Deadline: October 29th, applicants to be notified early November

To be considered:

Send an email to iceboxprojects@gmail.com, including
– Include 2018 video commission in the subject line
– 2 relevant work samples (Vimeo, Youtube, website links)
– A project description (no more than 300 words, include why this should screen at the Icebox)

Icebox Project Space projection system info

1026×768   2622×768
north wall   east wall
26x20ft       72x20ft

Files: Windows Media (DirectShow) or QuickTime-compatible format
Video Residency includes access to the Icebox Project Space and technical support.

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Distance ≠ Time

  • Icebox Project Space
  • September 6th - October 12th 2017
  • Reception: September 14th, 6pm - 9pm
  • Wednesdays - Saturdays, 12pm - 6pm

The Icebox Project Space is pleased to announce Distance ≠ Time, an immersive multimedia exhibition featuring the efforts of two collectives that investigate relationships between science and the self: the Dr. Pawel Norway Dream Machine, an interactive installation and performance by the Culture Industry Dot Club, and Time Camp 001, artworks, multimedia workshops, and lectures by Black Quantum Futurism.

Find more information about Icebox Projects here!

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Time Camp 001

  • Icebox Project Space
  • September 30th - October 1st
  • 11am - 6pm

In collaboration with Icebox Project Space Distance ≠ Time exhibition and performance, Black Quantum Futurism presents Time Camp 001, a two-day program and interactive installation exploring time, alternative temporalities, time travel, and temporal shifts from various frameworks, disciplines, and cultural traditions. The program includes two days of workshops, presentations, rituals, film screenings, interactive installations and special performances from local and national artists, scientists, social activists, filmmakers, writers, poets and more at Icebox Project Space.

Find more information about Icebox Projects here!

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A Corporeal Orchestration of Sounds and X’Cambó Pink

  • Icebox Project Space
  • August 18th - August 27th, 2017
  • Opening Reception: August 19th, 7pm - 9pm

The Icebox Project Space is excited to announce the next resident artist project by Mina Zarfsaz and Matthew Belknap. A Corporeal Orchestration of Sounds is an interactive installation founded in the cross roads between the uniqueness of an individual, bit, beat, sound, and their ability–through collective intervention–to change not only the music, conductor, and orchestra but also the space itself.

A Corporal Orchestration of Sounds pronounces the rhythmic patterns, qualities, and dynamics of power between body and space. This project affords an empathic space for tuning our ears to the presence of others in the space to aspire for a greater effect. Like an orchestra of acoustic instruments, it is the body of the spectator that co-composes the music by coordinating movements with others. All the instruments and the music of this orchestra as well as the physical orientation of the space in which the music is heard is reconstituted by how the spectators together reorganize the rhythmic content. We believe that sound and music can be uniquely effective in forging intimate and visceral connections between spectators and actually elicit changes in thought and behavior. This music has no beginning, no middle and no end. It never repeats itself exactly.

Learn more about Icebox Projects here!

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Thursday, August 10th 2017, 6-9 pm
Icebox Project Space, Philadelphia PA


This will be a collection of video works by artists who have previously shown in the space.

Featured Artists:

Carlo Ferraris
Will Haughery & Kris Harzins
Yue Nakayam
Maya Yu Zhan
Zornitsa Stoyanova

Please join us in celebration of the newly renovated Icebox Project Space. 

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Bodies in Space

June 22- June 24, 2017
Opening June 22nd 6-9pm

Bodies in Space

Bodies in Space is an experimental video installation & soundscape highlighting the landscape & environs of the Pine Barrens. Filmed for & by creative humans for PEARCE. Featuring a pop-up shop for Pearce Capsule 3.


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MoM 1: ‘mid the steep sky’s commotion- The Crossing

Sunday, June 11th 2017
Icebox Project Space, Philadelphia PA

MoM 1: ‘mid the steep sky’s commotion
The Crossing

Featuring the world premiere of Joshua Stamper’s ‘mid the steep sky’s commotion, with an installation by artist Caroline Santa in The Icebox at Crane Arts.
‘mid the steep sky’s commotion is the second chapter of Joshua Stamper’s four-part Elements series, exploring the enigmatic and impenetrable quality of wind, its singular and intimate relationship to the detritus of a city, and the ways in which that detritus exists as an echo of the movements, relationships, and dreams of the city of Philadelphia. Joshua Stamper’s unique, colorful, evolving music captures ‘what the wind says’ in this first collaboration with The Crossing.
“Wind is the epitome of mystery: it is a force of both destruction and preservation; its origins are inscrutable and its destination is unknown. Its presence echoes through our poems and dreams, yet its patterns and path remain impenetrable—invisible save for its effect on the world around it.”
– Joshua Stamper

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THE CROSSING CHOIR: ‘mid the steep sky’s commotion

  • The Icebox
  • Sunday June 11th, 4pm


‘mid the steep sky’s commotion is the second chapter of Joshua Stamper’s four-part Elements series, exploring the enigmatic and impenetrable quality of wind, its singular and intimate relationship to the detritus of a city, and the ways in which that detritus exists as an echo of the movements, relationships, and dreams of the city of Philadelphia. Joshua Stamper’s unique, colorful, evolving music captures ‘what the wind says’ in this first collaboration with The Crossing.

Wind is the epitome of mystery: it is a force of both destruction and preservation; its origins are inscrutable and its destination is unknown. Its presence echoes through our poems and dreams, yet its patterns and path remain impenetrable-invisible save for its effect on the world around it.
– Joshua Stamper

this concert is a co-production of The Crossing, New Music at Crane Arts, and the Icebox Project Space
Learn more about Icebox Projects here!

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Get Rid of Yourself and Alone, but Moving

Thursday, April 13th 2017
Icebox Project Space, Philadelphia PA

Get Rid of Yourself
Bernadette Corporation

Bernadette Corporation’s Get Rid of Yourself (2003) offers an incredibly complex look at protest and political resistance, and is as poignant now as upon initial release. Using a rich mixture of fact, fiction, narrative and document, the incredibly prescient Get Rid of Yourself offers a historical and primary account of the events surrounding the G8 riots in Genoa, Italy.

Get Rid of Yourself
Bernadette Corporation
2003, 61 min, color, sound

From Electronic Arts Intermix:

This complex, multi-layered work, called an “anti-documentary” by its authors, combines footage of rioting at the 2001 G-8 summit in Genoa with performances by Chloe Sevigny, Werner von Delmont and members of the Black Bloc anarchist group. These elements yield a disorienting and critical video that ultimately questions its own status and role as much as that of its subjects. The artists write that Get Rid of Yourself functions as “a cine-tract that aligns itself with nascent forms of political resistance within the anti-globalization movement… a filmed essay that works by betraying its own form.”

Made with the support of The French Ministry of Culture, Delegation aux Arts Plastiques (Image/Movement); Colin De Land, American Fine Arts, Co; MASSPOP.

Alone, but Moving
Shelby Donnelly

2017, edition of 50

The Icebox Project Space releases a limited number of editioned artist’s publications each year. This year’s first is Shelby Donnelly’s Alone, but Moving. A series of drawings housed in an innovative folio cover, Alone, but Moving is in part a meditation on the ways in which we experience film and video, and how that experience manifests itself in the artist’s practice.

From the artist:

Alone, but Moving is a series of drawings inspired by the practice of taking screenshots while watching films on a home computer. The drawings have subtitles collaged from reading, musical lyrics, film dialogue, and Donnelly’s own writing. Donnelly’s personal investigation of film becomes an outlet to articulate being and experience.

Shelby Donnelly is an interdisciplinary visual artist and educator.

Donnelly makes collages spanning practices in drawing, screenprinting, video, installation, and movement. Her work stages dramas that come from observing humanity’s relationship with ritual, ceremony, and spirituality and how that plays out in everyday existence and the subconscious. Incorporating fragments from cultural sources (film, novels, news), public spaces (parks, swimming pools) and materials (fabric, paper) the collages are a visual response or a way of “materializing gestures” – making physical what is ​typically an action.

For over a decade Donnelly has worked with youth and adults through The Mural Arts Program, The Philadelphia Museum of Art, The Fabric Workshop and Museum and University of the Arts. Her studio practice is tied to sharing art as an empowerment tool to overcome personal and social struggle as well as a space for celebration and sharing.

Donnelly has exhibited both internationally and nationally at International House Philadelphia’s Ibrahim Theater, The Fabric Workshop and Museum, the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam and the Haus der Kunst Museum. Donnelly was a ​2014 recipient of the Independence Foundation Artist Fellowship and traveled to Morocco to co-curate an exhibition of textiles made by Moroccan women at The Tangier American Legation. Donnelly attended artist residencies at Millay Artist Colony in New York,  the  Cité de Internationale in Paris, France, Soaring Gardens,  and  Second  State Press  in Pennsylvania.  Donnelly holds a B.F.A in Printmaking and Drawing from Washington University in St. Louis (2002) and a M.F.A in Material Studies from Tyler School of Art, Temple University (2008).

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20/92 Video Screening 2017

March 9-11th
Reception Thursday, March 9th 6-10pm

The Icebox Project Space is pleased to announce the 20/92 Video Festival for 2017.

The 20/92 Video Festival is a rare opportunity to experience video in a gallery at a unique scale and format. The Icebox Project Space is one of the largest exhibition spaces in the city at nearly 5,000 sq.ft., and has a dedicated projection system which allows for a continuous image to be cast upon its eastern wall, at a maximum size of 20’ x 92’ with a resolution of 3646 x 768.

Videos will be screening March 9, 10 and 11 12-6pm.

This year’s 20/92 was juried by Icebox directors Ryan McCartney and Timothy Belknap
Featured Artists:

Zornitsa Stoyanova
Sally Eckhoff
Cari Freno
Brendan Bercik
A.P. Vague
Lisa Marie Patzer
Alex Ibsen
Neda Zarfsaz
Blinn & Lambert
Pernot Hudson
Jiuxun Jin
Janne Holtermann
Mandy Bea
Maddie Hewitt
Gordon Stillman
Willie Stewart
Maria Leguizamo

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Nakatani Gong Orchestra

Tuesday, April 4th 8:00 PM
$7-10 sliding scale

Fire Museum Presents:
Nakatani Gong Orchestra
Tatsuya Nakatani (solo)

N.G.O. – Nakatani Gong Orchestra:

A contemporary live art sound project, N.G.O. has toured all over North and Central America. This is an ongoing, growing community engagement project and the only bowed-Gong orchestra in existence in the world today. The rich harmonies produced from multiple layers of bowed gongs are simply magic to anyone, engaging and inspiring the spirits of both the player and all who attend.

For each performance in a given city, gong players are selected by a local curator. Most are new to N.G.O. Nakatani gives a specialized training workshop to selected players in preparation for the performance. Players will also experience Nakatani’s own unique point of view regarding Gong techniques, and will experience undiscovered dimensions while immersed in the vibrations and sounds during a training workshop. Nakatani is the composer and conductor for the performance.

Nakatani began germinating ideas for N.G.O. in early 2002, and finally took the project to on the road in April 2011. He had performed 87 concerts with N.G.O. all over the USA and Mexico by December 2015. Notable venues include John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington D.C., MOCA Cleveland, OH, Tigertail productions presented at Miami Dade County Auditorium in FL, Bemis Contemporary Art Center in Omaha NE, Columbia Museum of Art in SC, and The Issue Project Room in New York City.

Many listeners have said “I have never experienced anything like this before!”, along with describing a feeling of cleansing a sort of purification after the event. Today, sound based therapy practices use singing bowls and gongs, which result in similar euphonious waves and energies. The primary purpose of N.G.O. is not for spiritual ceremonial purposes or “gong bathing”, but the fact is that with over 14 various gong sizes, ranging in diameters from 10 to 50 inches, one can’t avoid some of these amazing secondary results.


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Taji Ra’oof Nahl

Open Studio: March 20th -29th

Reception: Thursday March 23rd 7-9 pm
Performance: Saturday March 25th 1pm – 5pm


“AMPLIFIED REPERTOIRE – BATON”, an open studio exhibition.

In a conversation with George Lewis, Ben Patterson states: ” Sound is a by-product of activity.”

Taji Ra’oof Nahl will investigate the unique acoustic dynamic of Icebox Project Space with field recording via analog & digital methods of capturing the vast sonic frequencies thru installation construction, film & video projection, human exchange, and a marathon of  “Art Happenings” to be conducted during his open studio stay.

Collaborations by way of Taji’s third Iteration of – Renaissance Report Live /with host Noah Smalls. Taji invites artists of various disciplines to contribute to his practice using the formats of Johnny Carson Show /Dave Chappell Show.
With Guest including Sherman Fleming, Theodore Harris, Jamaaladeen Tacuma, Marc Zajack, Raphael Xavier, Shawn Theodore, Ivanco Talevski, Charles Lloyd, Kimberly Camp, Moshie Black, Ernel Martinez, George Lewis & others.

Futhermore, Taji will cultivate his “Defenders of the Republic” rubrics with new video works & Live “Original Soundtrack Scoring Sessions”. Subjects & muses to include Charles Blockson, Ben Patterson, and Lawrence D Butch Morris.

Taji Ra’oof Nahl is a Philadelphia based, interdisciplinary artist whose vocabulary delves into social commentary via historical & futurist aesthetic. Installation, video, performance art, sculpture, painting, are utilities that embodies poetic & abstract narrative for his oeuvre.

His work has been in exhibitions at, The Italian Palace – Tangier Morocco, The Philadelphia Museum of Art, Philip and Muriel Berman Museum of Art at Ursinus College, Kelly Writers House at University of Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts and the Averill and Bernard Leviton Gallery at Columbia College of Chicago. African American Art Museum Philadelphia

Solo exhibitions include Pageant Soloveev Gallery Philadelphia, Indigo Bleu Design & Cultural Center, and the Little Berlin Annex Space. Group showing at West Chester University, Goggleworks Reading Pa., Ice Box Project Space, Philadelphia Pa., National Archive, Philadelphia. Pa., University of Pennsylvania, James Dupree Gallery, Philadelphia City Hall, and others.
Taji also spearheads 2Spiral Art Collective, collaborating with artists of vast disciplines to develop art that explores the transformative elements of compassion, freedom, justice and productive activism.






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Future Perfect

The Icebox is pleased to announce Future Perfect, an ongoing project with exhibition, performance and publication on display February 2017.

Beginning in 2015, The Icebox has collected and published a yearly manual of predictions. Each edition was comprised of submissions from our greater community, and as such each individual prediction text is a reflection of where we are, and where we are going.

DEADLINE January 30th

For 2017, we aim to gather predictions from as many participants as possible. We are moving to a more timely and accessible platform, Twitter, and invite anyone to let us know what you see ahead. All predictions submitted in 2017 will be featured on the Icebox’s official Twitter account, @IceboxProjects. Feel free to direct your predictions towards us across all social media platforms by using the hashtags #futureperfect, or email your prediction directly to us at iceboxprojects@gmail.com. Please keep your entry to a maximum of 420 characters (3 tweets).

In February we will line the Icebox with the text of each prediction, constructing a space from our collective thoughts. At the opening reception, February 9th, a selected group of artists will perform a prediction of their choosing from the walls, however they see fit. All predictions will also be available as a printed book, a guide for 2017. Join us in our collective fortune telling, submit as many predictions as you like, and please share with your friends. Happy new year from the Icebox Project Space!


Future Perfect

Opening Reception February 9th, 2017

Exhibition Feb 9-25th

Icebox Project Space at Crane Arts


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Still DIVIDED: An Election Party and Exhibition




Witness History Direct from Ringside at the Ice Box


November 8 – November 10, 2016

Opening Reception: November 8, 7-11pm

2nd Thursday Opening: November 10, 6-9pm


(PHILADELPHIA – November 8, 2016) The ICEBOX at the Crane Arts Building will host a unique exhibition and election viewing party featuring the work of local, national and international artists. The main event will occur Tuesday, November 8, during one of the most highly anticipated Presidential elections of our time. Beginning at 7:00pm, live feeds of the election results from multiple news sources will be projected alongside an exhibition including politically themed broadsides, newspapers, ceramics, live screen printing of posters and t-shirts, an interactive map of the United States, Zine making with The Soap Box Community Print Shop & Zine Library, live post painting by Yomi and more. Dock St. Brewery will be debuting their newest brew: Pathological Lager.


The goal of the exhibition organizers is to capture and critique the spectacle of political discourse in our media landscape. The division of the gallery into blue and red spaces will mimic and call attention to the passionately divided supporters of Republican candidate Donald Trump and Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. From the organizers: “The Still Divided exhibition and election party seeks to mimic the tension of our two party system. Even in the midst of a ‘united’ rhetoric, we remain a divided country.”


With an admission price of $25, Attendees will receive their choice of a handmade ceramic cup, beer, games, art, music, and a chance to watch history being made with artists and citizens from the Philadelphia area. Anyone who shows up with an “I voted” sticker receives a $5 discount. Students with a current ID get the “Debt Relief” $10 discount.


STILL DIVIDED: An Election Party and Exhibition

Tuesday, November 8, 2016, 7:00pm

The Ice Box at Crane Arts

1400 N American St., Philadelphia, PA 19122

The show will remain on view through Friday, November 10.

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Erik Ruin’s Ominous Cloud Ensemble

Fire Museum Presents :

Erik Ruin’s Ominous Cloud Ensemble with special guest

Asimina Chremos

Saturday, July 23rd 8:00 PM
Icebox Project Space at Crane Arts
1400 N. American St

“Play Death More Sweetly”, an immersive atmosphere of largely improvised projections (including as many as 4 overhead projectors manipulated by visual artist Erik Ruin), musicians (care of his group the Ominous Cloud Ensemble) and movement (featuring dancer Asimina Chremos, perhaps more), with many performers scattered throughout the darkened space. The hour-long performance will incorporate fragments of text from Paul Celan’s iconic post-WW2 poem “Todesfuge” and exploring the themes of terror and mortality it evokes.

Erik Ruin’s Ominous Cloud Ensemble :

Erik Ruin’s Ominous Cloud Ensemble is an ever-evolving, collectively-improvising large ensemble for projections and music, led by visual artist Erik Ruin, recently lauded by the New York Times for his “spell-binding cut-paper animations.” Erik manipulates intricate paper-cuts and painted films on overhead projectors to create abstract landscapes and fragmentary scenes that are nonetheless charged with meaning, merging with music that ranges from dark atmospherics to ecstatic peaks of dissonance. Members of the ensemble include a rotating cast of Philly’s finest musicians, who have collaborated with everyone from Anthony Braxton to the Sun Ra Arkestra to Chris Forsyth to Spires That In the Sunset Rise.

Asimina Chremos:

Asimina Chremos is a dancer/artist with interest in the continua between form and flow, nature and culture, repetition and change, and discipline and pleasure. She began her artistic career as a ballet dancer and has since moved into improvisational and experimental dance, often performing with improvising musicians. Her aesthetic is also reflected in works of freeform lace crochet.

Reid Books- prepared guitar
Heru Shabaka-Ra- trumpet
Nick Millevoi- guitar
Julius Masri- electronics, percussion
Dan Blacksberg- trombone
Anna Young- vocals
DM Hotep- guitar
Lindsay Baukert- violin
Scott Verrastro- drums, percussion
Asimina Chremos- movement
Erik Ruin- projections, tapes


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Tatsuya Nakatani

Tatsuya Nakatani

Fire Museum Presents :

Tatsuya Nakatani extended solo percussion performance

Wednesday, June 15th 8:00 PM
Icebox Project Space at Crane Arts
1400 N American St
$7 – $10 sliding scale

Tatsuya Nakatani:

Tatsuya Nakatani is a creative artist / percussionist originally from Osaka, Japan who has released over sixty recordings in North America and Europe. Residing in the USA since 1994 he has performed countless solo percussion concerts and has collaborated with hundreds of artists in international music festivals, university concert halls, art museums and galleries. His latest project is the Nakatani Gong Orchestra, which builds community ensembles performing on multiple bowed gongs under his direction, as recently presented at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C.

Nakatani’s constant touring fosters the raw and fresh quality in his music, which can only survive through an open willingness to share energy, culture, music and self on a global human scale. His master classes and workshops at schools and universities, emphasize his unique musical approach and philosophy in creating visceral, non-linear music.

He has created his own instrumentation, effectively inventing many instruments and extended techniques. He utilizes drums, gongs, cymbals, singing bowls, metal objects, bells, and various sticks and bows to create an intense, intuitively primitive, expressive music of unusually strong spirit that defies category or genre. His music is based in improvised/ experimental music, jazz, free jazz, rock, and noise, yet retains the sense of space and beauty found in traditional Japanese folk music.

In an interview with spacecraftprojects, Tatsuya discussed his ideas regarding this performance. “(…)There’s one venue called “Icebox” in Philadelphia-it used to be a refrigerator space-and it has a pretty crazy echo there, and we were talking about me doing something in that space. So we decided that we will do a 2-hour solo percussion performance in June 2016. It will be improvising percussion. But I’m going to structure it a bit, going to compose structurally, with that space in mind, so I can more rely on the structure instead of everything being improvised. And that is new for me.”

links at http://www.museumfire.com/events

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Wednesdays through Saturdays, noon to 6 pm.

The Icebox Project Space is pleased to announce LIVE/WORK, an exhibition of artists residing in the greater Philadelphia area born after 1990 (26 and under). The featured artists were selected from an open call to the city- none are currently enrolled in a degree program.

In a city as expansive as Philadelphia, our ever-growing arts community is not growing fast enough. The diversity of makers here is not always apparent, and the opportunity to be seen and heard is not always present, especially for those early in their careers. In response to this certain lack, The Icebox Project Space presents LIVE/WORK, specifically focusing on providing a chance for younger artists outside of academic structures to exhibit. Providing this platform is meant not only as an act of inclusion, but also as an acknowledgement of the commitment that every artist makes in working and negotiating a space for their practice. Please join us in recognizing more members of our community.

Lucia Rose Alber, Michelle Albertson, Gérardine Aldamar, Kim Altomare, Jayna Anderson, Eric Anthony Berdis, Cody Bluett, Ian Bosak, Hilary Brashnear, Mathew Coldony, Corinna Cowles, Anna DeCaria, Morgan Gilbreath, Maddie Hewitt, Kees Holterman, Alexa Jensky, Thomas Lauria, Isabel Lederman, Kevin Lowenthal, Olivia Menta, Yue Nakayama, Erin O’Brien, John Riggi, Michael Schaffner, Ethan Patrick Sherman, James Sturner, Brett Suemnicht, Morgan Twist, Tara Vaughn, Hilary Wang, Kenneth Winterschladen, Cara Yarmolowicz, Maya Yu Zhang

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May 2016

Reception: Thursday, May 12th, 2016, 6-9

Grey Area

Wednesdays through Saturdays, noon to 6 pm.

Institute of Contemporary Art Baltimore presents Floodplain, sculptural works by Benjamin Kelley at the Icebox’s Grey Area at the Crane Arts in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Floodplain is comprised of two new artworks; one consisting of fragments from a rare, early model F­15 fighter aircraft reconfigured in the center of the gallery space. Encircling the chaotic composition is the second piece, a triptych of mechanized vessels producing an opaque tiding bath of iron oxide submerging contemporary relics of brand religion; to create a buildup of rust residue on the once pristine objects.

Benjamin Kelley, benjaminkelleystudios.com
Driven by the smell of oak, the elegance of precision, and the cult of commodity, Kelley re-contextualizes found objects with altered and fabricated structures. His works have been exhibited both locally and nationally, including solo exhibitions at CONNERSMITH (2013); Open Space (2011); Patty and Rusty Rueff Gallery at Purdue University (2009). Group exhibitions have included those at The Contemporary Museum (2012), Maryland Art Place (2011, 2010), Gallery Four (2010), Creative Alliance, (2009). Kelley has been awarded the Toby Devon Lewis Fellowship (2010), the GoGo Emerging Artist Projects of CONNERSMITH (2010–2013) and, most recently, finalist for the Janet and Walter Sondhiem Prize at the Baltimore Museum of Art in 2015. His work has been featured in the Washington Post, Washington City Paper, and the Baltimore City Paper. Kelley is a graduate of the Rinehart School of Sculpture at the Maryland Institute College of Art.

The Icebox Project Space, cranearts.com/icebox
The Icebox Project Space is an innovative and experimental contemporary exhibition space where visual artists, musicians, filmmakers, and performers are able to work, think, and collaborate within a uniquely large scale and open structure. The Icebox boldly explores the notion and limitations of what defines an exhibition, and seeks to challenge and explore, while fostering the creative process. The Icebox engages a broad National and International audience, and visitors should expect a level of engagement with programming, with the space itself, and with the community it continues to build. Please join us in creating this expanding dialogue.

Institute of Contemporary Art Baltimore, icabaltimore.org
Institute of Contemporary Art, Baltimore is a collaboration of volunteers working to stage contemporary art exhibitions in available spaces in Baltimore. Floodplain is the eighteenth exhibition by the Institute of Contemporary Art Baltimore since 2011, and the first outside of the city of Baltimore.

Floodplain is made possible in part by a grant from the Robert W. Deutsch Foundation.

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Icebox Project Space Presents: Chewing the Scenery

  • Grey Area
  • March 10th - 27th, 2016
  • Reception: Mar 11th, 2016, 6 - 10 pm
  • Wednesdays through Saturdays, noon to 6 pm.

An exhibition curated by Jonathan Santoro and Meredith Sellers

Featuring works by Gideon Barnett, Michael Ciervo, Micah Danges, Will Haughery, James Johnson, Sharon Koehlblinger, Paul Koneazny, Lauren Pakradooni, Paul Salveson, and Jon Weary, Chewing the Scenery is an exhibition of curatorial interventions by Jonathan Santoro and Meredith Sellers.

(With quavering voice)
(In a lower tone)
(In an even lower tone)
(Leaving her abruptly)
(As before standing opposite him)
(In an exalted high-pitched voice)
(In the same high-pitched voice)
(Silence. There is a noise as if an immense wheel were turning and moving the air. A hurricane separates them. At the same time, two Stars are seen colliding and from them fall a series of legs of living flesh with feet, hands, scalps, masks, colonnades, porticos, temples, alembics, falling more and more slowly, as if
falling in a vacuum: then three scorpions one after another and finally a frog and a beetle which come to rest with desperate slowness, nauseating slowness)
(Crying with all his strength)
(He looks at the sky)
(He pushes the Young Girl before him)
(Screaming in high-pitch)
(Plunging her hands deep into her pockets which are as big as her breasts)
(She throws his papers at him)
(He gets up and from each paper he takes a huge hunk of Swiss cheese.
Suddenly he coughs and chokes)
(With full mouth)
(He runs out)
(Like shadows, a Priest, a Cobbler, a Beadle, a Bawd, a Judge, a Peddler, arrive on stage)
(In different tones)
(Tapping his forehead)
(He runs out)
(As if confessing someone)
(At this moment night suddenly falls on stage)
(With the sigh of one having an orgasm)
(In a terrible voice)
(Boldly and gaily)
(She lifts up her dress. The Young Man wants to run away but he is frozen like a petrified puppet)
(As if suspended in the air and with the voice of a ventriloquist.)

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  • Icebox Project Space
  • Feb 11th, 2016, 6 - 9 pm

The Icebox Project Space is excited to kick off the New Year with a free publication and a pool party!  

Can you thing of anything you’d rather do in the middle of February then cooling off and chilling out in a pool?  We can’t either.  That’s why this February’s Second Thursday, the Icebox Project Space will be transformed into a heated tropical oasis, complete with a DJ, coat check, towel check, flamingoes, and an above-ground pool. Put on those trunks, grab a cocktail, and enjoy the sounds of POISON!!!

PLUS enter to win a private pool party on either Saturday February 13th or Valentine’s day February 14th!  Tickets will be sold at the event.

From 6 to 8 pm is a multimedia collaboration by Billy Green, Phil Conine, and Matt Noll.

From 8 pm on is a performance by Poison. 
Poison is an experimental rock band comprised of artists Joanna Belletiere, Teresa Cervantes, Filipe de Sousa, Jorge Galvan, Lisi Raskin and Kelsey Skaroff. The group formed after the spring semester of an Advanced Painting course taught by Raskin at Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia. Together they create improvised and composed songs using a variety of instruments like the keytar, stand-up bass, pizza, smartphones, and whatever else they can find at the second hand store in the children’s section. Recent performances include Infinite Rehearsal, at the Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft in Louisville.
Feel the flavor………..taste it but don’t eat it. Poison.*

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You Can Curate!

  • The Icebox
  • Second Thursday Reception: Dec 10th, 6 pm - 9 pm
  • Wednesday-Saturday 12-6pm
  • Free & Open to the Public

Finally, the moment you’ve all been waiting for….The You Can Curate! entries have been collected, and our juror, Sean Robert Fitzgerald, has selected the winner of this year’s competition. Local artist Matt Giel’s entry has been chosen to be exhibited at full scale in the Icebox Project Space. Come join us on December’s Second Thursday, the 10th, from 6 pm to 9 pm to check it out.

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Ann-Marie LeQuesne

  • The Icebox
  • October 8th, 2015
  • Free & Open To The Public

On Thursday, October 8th of 2015, the Icebox Project Space hosted Ann-Marie LeQuesne, a London-based artist who works with the public to stage collaborative performances, for a screening of her works performed this summer in Philadelphia. These films included performances of Crescendo, which she most recently executed at the Icebox Project Space in August, and Fanfare for Crossing the Road, which was recently performed on the University of Pennsylvania’s campus, as well as other works.

Crescendo responds to the acoustic and the physical space of Icebox. Participants were asked to make “structured noise” by constantly repeat initials (their own or anything they wanted to chant) as they entered the space. The sharp staccato sounds became tones that extended and mingled in the long echo of the space. Crescendo was previously performed in Sweden.

Fanfare for Crossing the Road began in London and has since been performed in Helsinki, Lisbon, Cardiff, New York, and now, Philadelphia. In each country Ann-Marie ask musicians, dressed in uniforms and positioned beside the traffic lights, to add ceremony to an everyday event: to mimic as closely as possible the digital acoustic crossing sounds (different in every country) that signal the time to cross for the blind. For the Philadelphia sound – a bird chirp – Ann-Marie used piccolos for the first time, with speakers to count down the lights.

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  • The Icebox
  • August 3rd-23rd, 2015
  • Reception: Thursday, August 13th / A Special Program of Special Performances by Esteemed Allied Community Members: August 22nd
  • Open gallery hours: Aug. 13th, 7-10pm | Aug. 14th-15th 12-6pm | Aug. 20th-21st 12-6pm | Aug. 22nd: 2-10pm
  • Free & Open The The Public

STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURE / SIGNAL GHOST / SATURNALIA will be an occupation by the Kali Yuga Zoo Brigade in the Icebox Project Space, with the objective to establish a Temporary Autonomous Zone – an exercise in scaled suzerainty.

The Brigade will compose an installation on site of various carnivalesque and ritual/performance centered spatial objects,bringing a formidable assortment of sound equipment, instruments, less-lethal weapons, tools, lights, smoke machines, costumes, semantra, and more.

The exhibition will feature in part the public debut of the WINVASION video project, to be accompanied live on the evening of Thursday the 13th by an ensemble of musicians featuring the Brigade and an assortment of invited guests who will perform a continuous improvised group sound action from approximately 7 until 10 pm.
Saturday the 22nd will feature a series of 30 minute performances / sound projects by various Philadelphia based musicians/artists in a carnival atmosphere running from approximately 2 – 10 pm. The Brigade will be conducting various actions throughout the day.


The Kali Yuga Zoo Brigade is an enthusiastic band of artist-musician-culture saboteurs – a most serious collective of prankster / activists. Formed in late 2011 in city of Quaker William Penn, to whom in part we owe our position in marginal philosophies, the Brigade is a small organization dedicated to the direct action of untrammeled creative expression. Hailing from a variety of backgrounds, individual members pursue independent enterprises but come together when opportunity arises to manifest beguiling circumstances at the confluence of art and performance in the public sphere. Having co-opted the structure of a military unit and transformed it into a vehicle of artistic action, they seek to draw even the most casual observers into our web of limitless freedom of thought and the thrilling psychic terrain it makes accessible to all. While dominant trends in contemporary art practice have skewed heavily into critical theory and practice, the Brigade engages the world and its occupants outside of hyper-intellectualized frameworks.

More Info: http://lapsitexillis.tumblr.com/post/125400491555/iceyboxy2015

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  • The Icebox
  • AUGUST 28th (Time TBA)
  • Free & Open To The Public

The Icebox Project Space is excited to present Jesus Benavente: The Fool, a new performance piece. Jesus Benavente is a Brooklyn-based artist who, in his own words, “isn’t afraid to dream big and look stupid”, and believes that sneaky jokes and false bravado help create a network of works that test and challenge our institutions and forms. The Fool features brash performances, funny videos and physical works that build on each other to create a night of live performances that will climax into a farewell dance party for an old friend.

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2015 Philadelphia Mobile Home Rally

  • The Icebox
  • One Day Only!
  • August 1st, 5-10PM
  • Free & Open To The Public

This August 1st will find the Icebox Project Space taken over by variety of pickup trucks and other vehicles, all transformed into works of art. The 2015 Mobile Home Rally follows in the footsteps of the popular 2012 and 2014 Philadelphia Pickup Truck Expos, and, as always, promises all of the excitement of seeing dirty, used and abused artist’s pickups, cars, or other vehicles as objects of beauty and sites for installation. This year’s entries will be judged on the concept of “Mobile Home” by jurors Timothy Belknap and Ryan McCartney, directors of the Icebox Project Space. Artists from Philadelphia and the surrounding areas will be participating in this year’s event, including Jerry Kaba, Sean Stoops, Jim Lint, John Paul Monge, Tim Eads, Tara White, Timothy Rusterholtz, Loo Bain, and Dietrich Meyer. We are also excited to have DC-based artist Calder Brannock, the founder of Camper Contemporary, join us with his 1967 Yellowstone Camper, which has been transformed into a fully functional art gallery. Camper Contemporary gallery was created as a solution for many problems a gallery faces in the modern art market, allowing the gallerist to showcase work without being tethered to a geographic location. This is sure to be an exciting–and entertaining–event, made better with the promise of beer and hot dogs; join us from 5 pm to 10 pm.

More info here

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  • The Icebox
  • July 9th, 2015
  • 7 pm – 9 pm
  • Free & Open to The Public

Silhouette is a dance performance made for the 100 foot wall at The Icebox in Philadelphia, PA. This piece will be performed by Anna Adams Stark, Liz Charky, Jessica Cook, Courtney Cooke, Katie Dean, Greer Dworman, Tess Dworman, Kyli Kleven and Steve May.

Kim Brandt has presented her work in New York City at The Kitchen, Movement Research, Aunts at The New Museum and Abrons Arts Center, Danspace Project, P.S. 122, Roulette, Center for Performance Research, Brooklyn Arts Exchange, Jack, Dixon Place and Bronx Academy of Arts and Dance, and at galleries including Elizabeth Dee, Josee Bienvenue, AVA, Industry City, Airplane, Pierogi, Five Myles and The Laundromat. Brandt received a BA from Hampshire College and a MFA from Tyler School of Art. She was a 2012 Space Grant recipient at Brooklyn Arts Exchange, is a 2015 resident artist at Issue Project Room, and is a 2015-16 recipient of The Award NYC.

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Supper: People on the Move

  • The Icebox & The Grey Area
  • June 25th – 28th, 2015
  • Performances at 8 pm each day
  • $20 general admission, $15 for seniors and students (link for tickets below)

Choreographer Silvana Cardell premieres a new dance performance inspired by themes of migration. Supper, People on the Move explores the complex experience of dislocation. Featuring stunning choreography, eight dancers of supreme ability and daring physicality, the highly regarded music of Nick Zammuto, special guest artists, and even a communal feast to end the performance, Supper, People on the Move promises to be an exhilarating and emotionally powerful event.

Purchase Tickets Here: https://supper.ticketleap.com/dance/dates

The dance is an examination of the human experience of all people on the move, looking for new horizons. Physical bodies moving between physical places define migration, and the immigrant journey is at the heart of humanity’s ability to survive. From this rich and fertile history Cardell creates evocative forms of movement—abstract, personal, universal— performed by virtuosic dancers, who dance with unrelenting physicality and create striking moments of beauty.

In conjunction with the performance is an exhibition, Portraits of People on the Move, of personal stories and images from Philadelphia-area immigrants. The exhibition will be at Crane Arts Building’s Grey Area, adjacent to the performance space, with individuals stories also featured on supperdance.com/supper-blog.

Photo by Jennifer Baker

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No Meat In Team

  • Icebox
  • May 6th - May 29th 2015
  • Receptions: Wednesday, May 6th 6-9 pm & Thursday, May 14th, 6-9 pm
  • Wednesday - Sunday, 12 pm - 6 pm
  • Free & Open To The Public

No Meat In Team is an exhibition featuring 40 artists graduating from the MFA programs at Tyler School of Art and the University of Pennsylvania in 2015. Organized and curated by a team of MFA candidates from both schools, this exhibition congregates two of Philadelphia’s most prominent academic programs in an effort to visualize the concerns common to both institutions. The title, No Meat in Team, plays with the collaborative nature of the project and the shared objective of both programs to come together in a productive way. This exhibition, initiated, organized and curated by students, signals a critical step made by both communities to begin actively addressing each other not simply as mutual residents of a city but as contemporaries working in the same field.

Exhibiting artists include:
María G. Albornoz – Natessa Amin – Antony Anderson – Grimaldi Baez – Jennifer Berman – Martin Blake – Elizaveta Buzytsky – Kate Clements – Moira Connelly – Dominic D’Andrea – Lindsay Deifik – Alex Echevarria – Jorge Galvan – Charles Hall – Jacob C. Hammes – Ava Hassinger – Daniel Haun – Sascha Hughes-Caley – James Howzell – Ashley Kuhn – Katie Locke – Julia Mead – Chiara No – Jen Nugent – Megan Nolde – Joan Oh – Rebecca Ott – Haigen Pearson – Jing Qian – Nate Ricciuto – Derek Rigby – Lydia Rosenberg – Kasey Short – Julia Six – Michelle Wang – Comfort Wasikhongo – Wilmer Wilson IV – Seneca Weintraut – Dean Yasko – Annie Zverina

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Feeding Speculation: Annual Predictive Texts

  • Spring 2015
  • Released by Ryan McCartney and Timothy Belknap

Featuring: Ryan Eckes, Chris DiOrio, Anna Neighbor, Jack Krick, Dave Kyu, Scott Kip, Donald Camp, Kocot and Hatton, Quentin Morris, David Stephens, Clancy Philbrick, William Williams, Eric Laska, Mimi Cheng, Vincent Strijkan, Molly Strijkan, Caleb Morfit, Casey McCollum, Zoe Cohen, Ken Rosso, Naftali and Nomi, Antonia Brown, Tiona McClodden, Allison McDaniel, Larry Becker, and Heidi Nivling

Early in 2015, the Icebox Project Space approached several friends with a simple idea: share a meal with someone, and over the course of conversation arrive at a prediction for the coming week, year, decade or more. A number of people participated, sitting down to dinner with friends, significant others, and family members, whether over a home cooked meal or out at a restaurant. The gamut of ideas that arose from these conversations ranged from predictions for the next day to far into the future, from projections for one’s own life to musings on the fate of the entire world. These predictions were then put into a publication, Feeding Speculation: Annual Predictive Texts, which was released at the Second Thursday of February 2015.

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20/92 Video Screening Juried by Alex DaCorte

  • Icebox
  • March 12th, 2015 at 6 pm *One Night Only
  • Free & Open To The Public

The Second Thursday of March marks the 20/92 Video Screening for 2015.This year’s event will consist of thirteen videos selected by juror Alex DaCorte, a Philadelphia-based artist whose work has been exhibited widely, both nationally and internationally. These video shorts, chosen from an open call featuring artists from around the world, will be projected across the Icebox walls at a size of up to 20 feet by 92 feet, creating a unique and wholly immersive viewing experience.The screening will take place on Thursday, March 12, at 6 pm and will feature videos from Gregory Kalliche, Katie Hovencamp, Joan Oh, Joseph Thomas,  Dustin Nelson, Justin Bursk, Alex Ibsen, Bryne Rasmussen-Smith and Andrew Smith-Rasmussen, Eric Abaka, Michael Richison, Grant Petrey, and Lindsey Glover.

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Chad States: I Feel Love

  • Gallery 106
  • December 13th-14th + 20th-21st (12 pm to 4 pm)
  • Reception: Thursday, December 11th, 6pm-9pm
  • Free & Open To The Public

I Feel Love pays homage to the planetarium at The Saint, a popular gay club in the East village that opened in 1980. The club was closed in 1988 after the club’s demographic was devastated by the AIDS epidemic and the NYC Department of Health targeted the club as one of the epicenters of the disease. Says States, “I Feel Love serves as a memorial to a generation of innocent men who died so that others, like myself, would have a chance to live”.

Chad States has an MFA from Tyler School of Art and a BA from Evergreen State College in Washington. He has released several photobooks, including Cruising and The Sunbathers.
This show is not appropriate for children.

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Ezra Masch: Big Bang Project

  • Icebox
  • December 19th-20th
  • 7 pm to 9 pm
  • Free & Open To The Public

Big Bang Project is an immersive audio / visual installation project which features a three-dimensional grid of fluorescent lights that fills the interior of the Icebox gallery. Contact microphones on the drums are wired to custom mixers that divide the audio into multiple ranges of volume. Dimensions of height, length, and width are used to map coordinates of tone and amplitude within the grid, translating the volume of sound to the volume of the performance space. Drummers are able to experiment with the visual patterns and forms generated in the lights as they play.

Ezra Masch is an interdisciplinary artist based in Philadelphia. He holds an MFA in Studio Arts from the University of Texas, as well as a BFA in sculpture from the Rhode Island School of Design. He currently teaches at Moore College of Art and Design and is a member of the Tiger Strikes Astroid gallery.

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Unknown Territory: New Art from The Hacktory

  • Grey Area
  • December 11th - 13th and 17th - 20th, from 12 pm to 6 pm
  • Reception: Thursday, December 11th, 2014, 6pm -9 pm
  • Free & Open To The Public

Unknown Territory is a culmination of work created over the past six months by The Hacktory’s fellows and artists-in-residence. These artists experimented with technology such as cameras, projectors, sensors, robots, software, and circuits to create experiences, new possibilities with code, hardware, and creative expression. The artwork featured in the exhibition consists of interactive works such as GPS-based music compositions and costumes, MIDI music devices, playful games, auto-generated artwork, projection mapped self-portraits, a comet observatory, and self-aware smartphones.

The Hacktory is an organization located in West Philadelphia whose mission is to both inspire and empower people to use technology for their own personal expression.

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Begin Where You Are

  • Icebox
  • August 14th - September 13th, 2014
  • Closing Reception: September 11th from 6 – 9pm
  • Wed - Sat 12-6pm / Mon – Wed by appointment
  • Free & Open To The Public

Begin Where You Are presents a broad range of artists living in Philadelphia, each with distinct modes of working, yet connected by an earnest vitality representative of the city itself. The integrity of each artist’s practice, combined with unique conversations across works throughout the show creates a complicated and contemplative dialogue. A renewed appreciation for the breadth and complexity of our common place is forged through these new relationships.

Exhibiting Artists:
Eric Abaka, Stefan Abrams, Anthony Campuzano, Micah Danges, Christopher Davison, Dechemia, Tim Eads, Kevin Finklea, Sarah Gamble, Tyler Kline, Kocot and Hatton Patrick Maguire, Virgil Marti, Quentin Morris, Eileen Neff, Karyn Olivier, Daniel Petraitis, Shelley Spector, Becky Suss, Paul Swenbeck, Shanna Waddell, Linda Yun, Marc Zajack

Off-site Interlude – Laura Bernstein
Saturday, 8/23, 7pm – I am the One Who Knocks, New Dreamz
Saturday, 9/06, 7pm – Kris Harzinski & Will Haughery, Meg Foley
Saturday, 9/13, 5pm – Elisa Gabor, Meg Foley

Curated by Anna Neighbor, Timothy Belknap and Ryan McCartney

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Current Climate

  • Gallery 105
  • January 9th - 25th 2014
  • Reception: January 9th from 6-9pm
  • Wed-Sat 12-6pm
  • Free & Open To The Public

Kelton Bumgarner
Danielle Bursk
Justin Bursk
Bailey Chick
Dianne Hricko
Richard Hricko
Jennifer Johnson
Nick Kripal
Jude Lang
Kyle Lopinto
Susan Moore
John Roebas
Rebecca Saylor Sack
Kristin Schatterfield-Rein
Tim Schwartz
Colleen McCubbin Stephanic
Ian White Williams
Dganit Zauberman

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You See That Can?

  • Icebox Project Space
  • September 26, 2013

Anna Neighbor, Matt Giel, Timothy Belknap and Ryan McCartney

A collaborative project between Philadelphia-based artists Anna Neighbor, Ryan McCartney, Tim Belknap, and Matt Giel, You See That Can? is an exploration of perception and accessibility through the use of single-point perspective, comedic appropriation, and office furniture.

A large mass of text is central to both the physical room and the installation itself. Written across numerous shifted planes the text will only be legible from one viewing point located outside of the gallery space. During the opening reception, the gallery doors were shut and locked in order to highlight the presence of illusion and perspective. During the remainder of the exhibition, the interior of the gallery was accessible so that viewers could experience the greater failure of illusion and the reality of the objects within the space.

Download press release

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20/92 Video Call Screening

  • September 26, 2013 6-9pm
  • **One Night Only

A juried one night video screening to consist of up to sixty videos, each one minute in length. All submissions will be formatted to fit the Icebox Projection System, which casts a continuous image at 20’ x 92’. All concession sales and donations directly supporting the collaborative efforts of Title Magazine, The Nicola Midnight St. Claire, and McCartney/Belknap projects in the upcoming “Citywide” exhibition this November.

Juried by Tim Belknap and Ryan McCartney, co-directors at the Icebox Project Space

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Bardo Pond: Between Two Worlds

  • gallery 105 (and performance in the Icebox)
  • Opening reception: Thursday, September 12th from 6-9pm
  • Wed. - Sat. 12-6pm / Sun. – Tues. by appointment
  • Free & Open To The Public

Crane Arts is pleased to announce Between Two Worlds, an exhibition of works by members of Bardo Pond.

In addition to the exhibition of works in gallery 105, Bardo Pond will play a set in the Icebox Project Space on September 26th in conjunction with the 20/92 Video Screening night.

From the accompanying essay by Chistopher Bennett:

The core members of Bardo Pond (Isobel Sollenberger, John Gibbons, Michael Gibbons, and Clint Takeda) were practicing artists when they met. Soon, they began playing music together—at first, as guitarist Michael Gibbons has put it, simply “wanting to make sounds.”… Like their music, their art is based on a commitment to process, exploring the precarious link between action and result as it unfolds in the moment.

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20/92 Open Video Call

  • The Icebox Project Space
  • Submission Deadline: August 31st, 2013 midnight- NO ENTRY FEE
  • Screening: September 26th, 2013, 6 - 9pm

Juried by: Tim Belknap and Ryan McCartney, co-directors at the Icebox Project Space

Announcing The 20/92 Open Video Call for a juried one night video screening to consist of up to sixty videos, each one minute in length. All submissions will be formatted to fit the Icebox Projection System, which casts a continuous image at 20’ x 92’. The 20/92 Video Call Screening will take place September 26, from 6-9pm, with all concession sales and donations directly supporting the collaborative efforts of Title Magazine, The Nicola Midnight St. Claire, and McCartney/Belknap projects in the upcoming “Citywide” exhibition this November.

Videos must be no more than 60 seconds in total length. One submission per person.

The Icebox Video Projection System has the capacity to project a continuous image 20ft H x 92ft W and we encourage you to work within this ratio 1:4.5 or split screen ratio 2:4.6.

Please shoot accordingly

Please submit by emailing your name and a link to your video via YouTube or Vimeo to: exhibitions@cranearts.com

All selected videos will receive a reply email to address format and delivery of video

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Claire Ashley / distant landscapes: peepdyedcrevicehotpinkridge

  • Icebox
  • May 8th-31st, 2013
  • Reception: 2nd Thursday, May 9th, 6 - 9pm.
  • Wed- Sat 12 – 6 pm
  • Free & Open To The Public

Ashley’s work is an unruly manifestation and hybrid of painting, sculpture, and performance. The space will be both occupied and infiltrated by one of Ashley’s painted, inflated plastic forms. Spray paint meets hard lines and both disappear into the folds and wrinkles of massive volumes that fill the spaces they inhabit. These hybrid objects, both comfortable and uncomfortable in their own skin create an unexpected path in painting, sculpture and performance that incorporates space as a key component to their bodies, as well as our own.
Claire Ashley is a Chicago based artist. She holds an MFA from The School of the Art Institute in Chicago as well as a BA from The Robert Gordon University in Scotland. Most recently, her show Frizzflopsqueezepop was seen at the Chicago Cultural Center in Chicago. She has shown extensively throughout the United States and Europe.

More Info: http://www.claireashley.com/

We are happy to announce Rainbows, a performance by Jeff Huckleberry in conjunction with Claire Ashley’s peepdyedcrevicehotpinkridge. The performance will take place during the opening reception on May 9th, from 6-9pm in the Grey Area.

Jeff huckleberry received his undergraduate and graduate degrees from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. Jeff has been performing art for the last 20 years, both nationally and internationally. He enjoys the bicycle, the hammer, the saw, the wood, his wife and son, his family, his friends, his work. (…except sometimes he doesn’t enjoy these things as much; it depends.) He is the son and grandson of far more practical people, which he tries to express in his art. Some people say he is more handsome without his glasses, and his mother thinks it is time to stop getting naked in front of people. Oh, and something about death.


Happy Collaborationists is the curatorial collective of Anna Trier and Meredith Weber. “Happy C” provides exhibition opportunities for performance, installation and media works – including but not limited to solo exhibitions, public programming and private event planning. Together Anna and Meredith also collaborate on their own performance art practice under the name Meredith and Anna.


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