New Prints by Scott Porcelli

  • Second State Press
  • Opening Reception: October 12th, 2017 / 6-9pm

Scott Porcelli is a long time member and artist at Second State Press. We are excited to exhibit his screen prints that combine meticulous hand drawings and bright, layered colors.

It’s always difficult to start in a new shop and get your printing flow. Different equipment, new people, and where the heck is the tarleton anyway?! SSP wants to make it easier for you to get started and get printing. Every Second Thursday, Second State Press will hold shop orientations for members. All are welcome to attend each month.
Also be sure to check out The Quarter Sheet Challenge a revolving exhibition of shop members’ work for which the only restriction is that the 2 pieces must be 15″ x 11″.

* Second State Press (103B) is in the basement of Crane Arts… enter through lobby
* SSP Shop Orientations: Every Second Thursday from 6 pm – 9 pm

Find more information about SSP here!

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Charlotte A. Schatz

  • The Hall
  • October 12th - December 2nd, 2017
  • Opening Reception: October 12th, 2017 / 6-9pm
  • Wednesdays - Saturdays 12pm - 6 pm

Charlotte A. Schatz: Philadelphia and Beyond: 30 Years of Urban Redux

The InLiquid Hall Gallery is located on the 1st floor of Crane Arts in the hallway to PPAC
InLiquid is proud to present Philadelphia and Beyond: 30 years of Urban Redux, featuring artist member Charlotte Schatz. “Changing Philadelphia,” the title of InLiquid’s 3-part series, characterizes much of Schatz’s work of the last 30 years. Schatz uses color to locate and emphasize space and light in an expressionist manner with reference to the Precisionists, who depicted mechanical and industrial subject matter at the beginning of the Industrial age.

Find more information about InLiquid here!
Find more information about Charlotte here!

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In Darkness

  • Tiger Strikes Asteroid
  • October 6th - November 11th, 2017
  • Opening Reception: October 12th, 6pm - 9pm
  • Fridays 12pm - 4pm, Saturdays 2pm - 6pm or by appointment

Tiger Strikes Asteroid is pleased to present In Darkness, a solo exhibition of works by TSA PHL member Joanna Platt.

Consisting of small video incursions and a large sculptural projection, these works explore concepts of shadow and illumination, the tiny cracks in darkness that allow the light to enter. The small pieces reference painting with thick applications of encaustic on panel, lenses obscuring and revealing small video vignettes, moments of reflection during walks in nature. In the larger installation, painted black lines create form and shadow with video projected through sanded acrylic, like light filtering through leaves on trees, the only color coming from the elusive movement of the projected footage.

Find more information about TSA here!
Find more information about Joanna here!

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Calaveras & Closing the Circle

  • Indigo Arts
  • October 8th - December, 2017
  • Opening Reception: October 12th, 6pm - 9pm
  • Wednesdays - Saturdays 12pm - 6 pm

Calaveras: Peruvian Retablos for Los Dias de los Muertos
Closing the Circle: A Selection of African Baskets

In Calaveras, Indigo Arts brings back a seasonal selection of Peruvian retablos by master artist Claudio Jimenez Quispé. As interpreted by contemporary Peruvian artists the retablo is a medium to depict all aspects of contemporary life, and even narratives of social strife and civil war. In this work Caudio has expanded on the macabre Mexican tradition of Los Dias de los Muertos, the Days of the Dead.

Closing the Circle celebrates the range of contemporary African basketry with examples from several different African traditions: Raffia-palm baskets, Swazi baskets woven from sisal fibers, Sumburu beaded baskets, Tonga and Nambya ilala palm baskets, Zulu Imbenge baskets made from recycled telephone wire, Rwandan sisal and sweet-grass food baskets and traditional lidded Peace baskets woven of bamboo and raffia fibers.

Find more information about Indigo Arts here!

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Lesley Gold: BOUND

  • Crane Old School Tenant Gallery
  • October 12th - December 2nd, 2017
  • Opening Reception: October 12th 2017, 6pm - 9pm
  • Wednesdays - Saturdays 12pm - 6 pm

Lesley Gold, tenant of Crane Old School, will be exhibiting her works in fiber and wood at the Crane Tenant Gallery. She is an observer, inspired by the patterns, shapes and details which make up the space that surrounds us. Lesley graduated from Savannah College of Art and Design in 2009 with a BFA in Fibers and from the Cabinet and Furniture Making program at North Bennet Street School in 2016.

* The Crane Arts & Crane Old School Tenant Gallery is located in the main lobby of Crane Arts

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桃花源記 Tao Hua Yuan Ji

  • PPAC
  • September 14th - November 25th 2017
  • Soft Opening: Sept. 14th, 6pm - 9pm

Meet The Artist
September 22nd, 2pm – 3:30pm

VIP Preview and Celebration Dinner
September 27th, 6pm

Colette Fu will build the biggest pop-up book in the world inside PPAC’s Gallery. It will be approximately 13.75′ x 21′ x 58” and is inspired by Tao Yuanming, a Jin Dynasty (317-420) poet, who wrote of a traveler who came upon an isolated peach blossom valley beyond a cave where people seeking political refuge lived an ideal, harmonic life with nature and each other. Although villagers told the traveler not to tell of their location, he vainly marked his path and sent government officials who were unable to find it. To the Chinese, this story is metaphoric to an imaginary unattainable Utopia where the peach blossom symbolizes luck, love, and longevity, and to some – immortality. 

Find more information about PPAC here!

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