In Liquid Presents Jen McCleary

  • September 11 - November 7, 2014
  • Second Thursday receptions: September 11 & October 9, 6-9pm
  • The Hall
  • Wed - Sat 12-6PM
  • Free & Open To The Public

InLiquid presents Cut & Paste: New Mixed-Media and Digital Collages, a solo exhibition by artist member Jen McCleary. Jen McCleary’s digital and mixed-media work explores the connections between these two very different ways of creating layered collage images. Her images are inspired by scientific imagery, dreamlike imagined landscapes, dualities such as light/dark, complexity/simplicity, and the obvious beauty of nature and the sometimes hidden beauty of urban decay.

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Three Themes: Contemporary Connections With Paul Stand

  • September 11th – November 8th, 2014
  • Reception: September 11th, 6 - 9pm
  • Philadelphia Photo Arts Center
  • Tues - Thurs 12-8pm / Fri - Sat 12-6pm / Sun - Mon - Closed
  • Free & Open To The Public

Paul Strand was an important modernist photographer working in the first half of the twentieth century. He photographed primarily in three genres: portraiture, street photography, and abstraction. Today, Strand’s influence can still be felt.

Included in this exhibition are three photographers, Tanyth Berkeley, Doug Rickard and Paul Salveson, working in these same genres to push the medium in new and innovative directions while exploring more contemporary issues. This exhibition invites viewers to contemplate these issues and form their own connections between photography of the past and the present.

Tanyth Berkeley (b. 1969) lives and works in Brooklyn, NY. Berkeley’s portraits are intimate and nuanced depictions of individuals who tend to be marginalized and ignored by society. The photographs to invite viewers to question their definitions and expand the accepted boundaries of normality and beauty. Three Themes features seven photographs by Berkeley including three of her terrific, full-length portraits from the “Love Parade” series. Also included are two selections from Berkeley’s “Orchidaceae” series and two portraits of her most important muse, Grace.

Doug Rickard (b. 1968) lives and works in El Dorado Hills, CA. Rickard explores the United States utilizing Google Maps’ “street view” feature to find areas, which, because of high rates of poverty and unemployment, to him represent the “anti-American” dream. He then photographs these images on the screen of his home computer to challenge conventional notions of street photography and probe the complex issue of privacy rights. Nine of Rickard’s works from the series “A New American Picture” are included in the exhibition.

Paul Salveson (b. 1984) lives and works in Philadelphia, PA. Salveson photographs assemblages of everyday objects that test viewers’ perspectives, creating a disorienting abstraction through quotidian items as a new form of the traditional still life, focusing on an increasingly rampant American consumerist culture.

This exhibition was organized by PPAC’s Founder and Executive Director, Sarah Stolfa and Dan Leers. Leers is an independent curator currently based in New York City.

This exhibition is made possible with support from The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts

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Escenas Fantasticas: José Garcia Montebavo

  • October 9th 2014 –January 31st 2015
  • Second Thursday Reception: October 2014, 6-9pm
  • Indigo Arts
  • Wednesday - Saturday: 12 PM to 6:00 PM
  • Free & Open To The Public

Presented By Indigo Arts:

José Garcia Montebravo was one of Cuba’s leading naif artists, with a worldwide following.. While he was self-taught as an artist, he was hardly naive in the English sense of the word. He was a witty and sophisticated man, with a sure, fluid line in pen or brush. In his relatively short career the Cienfuegos geography teacher turned artist created a rich self-contained world of myth and fantasy.

Montebravo was a university graduate, who was for many years a professor of geography at the Villa Clara Superior Pedagogical Institute. Though he had painted since he was a child, Montebravo began to paint seriously in 1980 and had his first solo exhibition in 1984. He lived throughout his career in the Cuban city of Cienfuegos, where he became a leading member of the art community. He was an enthusiastic mentor to many younger artists. He exhibited individually and collectively, in Europe and the United States as well as in Cuba. Monte has been featured in many exhibits at Indigo Arts Gallery since 1999. In 2002 we were able to host his visit to our Philadelphia gallery. Art historian Gerald Mouial devoted a chapter to Montebravo in his 2004 book, Magic Art in Cuba.

Montebravo’s work on paper and canvas was informed by his vast curiosity. He had a keen knowledge of natural history and art history as well as the Afro-Cuban religions such as Santeria. As Mouial tells us, Montebravo especially identified with “El Monte” (“the Mount”), described as, “a sacred place where dead people, spirits, animals and plants live.” “I carry that world inside me, the world of animals, plants and messengers of each person.”

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Study of Opposites

  • October 9th- November 9th 2014
  • Second Thursday October 9th, 2014, 6-9pm
  • The Archive Space
  • Weds – Sat 12 – 6pm
  • Free & Open To The Public

Presented By Crane Arts:

Stefanie Fuoco and Kevin McWilliams are collaborating on this exhibition that explores the idea of opposites and represents a fusion of their individual artistic practices and interests. Fuoco is a fiber artist whose work explores tactility through combining weaving with natural materials such as driftwood. Her weavings are quick sketches, vignettes of that moment. They each live out a single emotion. This particular technique and materials used allows her to give the textiles a sculptural dimension. McWilliams is an artist whose work documents candid portraits of his friends and narratives from his everyday life through film photography. Combining these works into one space, the viewer is challenged to make formal and conceptual connections within each of the mediums and explore what happens in a Study of Opposites.

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Three – A special show for POST 2014

  • October 25th & 26th 2014 from 12-6PM
  • Gallery 101
  • Free & Open To The Public

Presented By Crane Arts and The Center For Emerging Visual Artists:

Jaimee Newman’s new series of paintings are a cross-over into the realm of abstraction. Her large-scale paintings open the door to this unseen world while still capturing her deeply-rooted passion for figurative studies and integrative sculptural framing elements. The intersection between these two realms have been inspired by ‘moments’, much like deja vu. Evolution in Jaimee’s work is evident, with each piece inspiring the next, and she is delighted to take you on a journey with her.

Linda Dubin Garfield – A Philadelphia artist who creates colorful works on paper that combine traditional printmaking, mixed media & digital technology based on her love of travel, the mystery of memory & the magic of place.

Barbara Gesshel – My work has centered around nature from the very beginning & recently, I’ve been moving from images which have been sky, cloud & storm based, with an emphasis on variations of the color Blue. These current images have been directly influenced by the Au Plein Air work & installations I’ve been doing at both the Schuylkill & Delaware Rivers as part of Art in the Open, reflecting the flow of the water & the various colors & patterns which occur as part of the hourly changes.

Special printmaking workshop will be held by Linda Dubin- Garfiled on Sunday –
Make your own one-of-a-kind prints!
More info:

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