InLiquid presents Mark Havens

  • July 21 - September 5, 2014
  • Second Thursday Reception: August 14, 6-9pm
  • Crane Hall
  • Wednesday - Saturday 12-6PM
  • Free & Open To The Public

Mark Havens Out of Season is a sprawling series of photographs taken over seven years exploring Wildwood, NJ in its off season. The photographs examine mid-century modernist architecture, parking lots, and signs, much of which have since been demolished. Utterly absent of human presence, yet still fully furnished and fully lit, Out of Season offers a captivating, bizarre, and nostalgic documentation of a thin slice of time.

A slide show of Out of Season sequenced from dawn to night will play on the Media Wall at Commerce Square during Center City District Sips, beginning Wednesday, July 16, through August 20.

Three short slideshows of Out of Season will screen on the Kimmel Cube throughout the month of August. The slideshows will feature imagery particular to the time of day, one for the morning, one for the afternoon, and one for the night. The sensitivity to the time of day further emphasizes the importance of time and place inherent to the series.

More info on InLiquid here.

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Begin Where You Are

  • August 14th - September 13th, 2014
  • Reception: August 14th from 6 – 9pm
  • Icebox
  • Wed - Sat 12-6pm / Mon – Wed by appointment
  • Free & Open To The Public

Begin Where You Are presents a broad range of artists living in Philadelphia, each with distinct modes of working, yet connected by an earnest vitality representative of the city itself. The integrity of each artist’s practice, combined with unique conversations across works throughout the show creates a complicated and contemplative dialogue. A renewed appreciation for the breadth and complexity of our common place is forged through these new relationships.

Exhibiting Artists:
Eric Abaka, Stefan Abrams, Anthony Campuzano, Micah Danges, Christopher Davison, Dechemia, Tim Eads, Kevin Finklea, Sarah Gamble, Tyler Kline, Kocot and Hatton Patrick Maguire, Virgil Marti, Quentin Morris, Eileen Neff, Karyn Olivier, Daniel Petraitis, Shelley Spector, Becky Suss, Paul Swenbeck, Shanna Waddell, Linda Yun, Marc Zajack

Off-site Interlude – Laura Bernstein
Saturday, 8/23, 7pm – I am the One Who Knocks, New Dreamz
Saturday, 9/06, 7pm – Kris Harzinski & Will Haughery, Meg Foley
Saturday, 9/13, 5pm – Elisa Gabor, Meg Foley

Curated by Anna Neighbor, Timothy Belknap and Ryan McCartney

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Queensland College of Art presents Emma Rochester

  • August 14th –September 6th 2014
  • Second Thursday Reception: August 14, 6-9pm
  • Crane International Project Space (Gallery 105)
  • Wednesday - Saturday 12-6PM
  • Free & Open To The Public

Australian artist Emma Rochester, uses her body as a channel to investigate the iconic power of nature – a terminal through which explorations of imagination, memory, and sensorial understandings of gendered landscapes are filtered and structured into multilayered works. Exploring ideas of the feminine as allegory for natural environs. Rochester creates site-specific projects that comprise of written reflections and intuitive drawings, textile design, sculpture, video art, and performance works.

Rochester is currently the International Artist in Residence at Crane Arts from July to September 2014. Touching The Earth is the first in a series of two exhibitions that will explore the focus of her creative production and research whilst at Crane Arts.

Working with ideas of nomadic spirituality and feminist studies concerned with the Goddess movement, Rochester is using this period of creative development to develop new works. Rochester recently spent one month in Crete exploring ancient sites for the divine feminine from temple sites to Homeric caves to grottos. Allowing ‘Touching The Earth,’ to be a predominantly textile based exhibition that hinges on concepts of pilgrimage and embodied Goddess spirituality.

Emma Rochester is a PHD candidate at the Queensland College of Art, Griffith University, Brisbane, Australia. Her current PhD project, which investigates the relationship between feminism, landscape and deity, has been funded through a Queensland College of the Arts Postgraduate Research Grant.

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United States: 2013-14 Fob Holders of Second State Press

  • August 14th - September 30th
  • Opening Reception: August 14th 2014 from 6-9PM
  • Second State Press
  • By appointment.
  • Free & Open To The Public

Second State Press presents “United States” an exhibition of artwork created by Fob Holders from the past twelve months. SSP’s Fob Holders help in the daily running of the print shop in exchange for access to the studio.

Methods of printmaking, drawing, and more are represented in the work of these ten recent Fob Holders. The work demonstrates the range of concept and method of these artists, who have worked alongside one another and other members at Second State Press in the last year.

Artists: Mark Rice, Heather McMordie, Devin Kovach, Nicole Rinier, Lauren Pakradooni, Matthew Colaizzo, Mariko Perry, Julia Fox, Dominique Ellis, Kim Jackson.

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