Tinga Tinga Today:  Tanzanian Popular Art in Transition

  • April 9 to July 31, 2015
  • Second Thursday Reception:  April 9, 6 to 9pm
  • Indigo Arts
  • Wednesday - Saturday 12-6pm
  • Free & Open To The Public

Paintings by Omary Amonde, Mohammed Charinda, Mwamedi Chiwaya, Sayuki Matindiko, Jafary Mimus, Rashidi Rubuni, Daudi Tingatinga and others.

In Tinga Tinga Today, Indigo Arts considers the unique genre of popular painting that has flourished in Tanzania since the late 1960’s.   With the passing of Omary Amonde, the last of the “first generation” Tinga Tinga artists, we look at the legacy of founder Edward Saidi Tingatinga, and the directions taken by the artists today.

Tinga Tinga painting takes its name and its inspiration from Edward Saidi Tingatinga (1932 – 1972). Born in a village in the far south of the colony then known as Tanganyika, he migrated north to the capital of Dar es Salaam in search of work in 1957. He worked as a gardener for expatriates before finding a better job as ward attendant at Muhimbili National Hospital. A resourceful man, Tingatinga was ever trying other ways to support his family. Admiring the apparent ease with which itinerant artists from the Congo sold their “jungle” paintings to European tourists, he determined to try his own hand at painting. He used readily available materials – high-gloss bicycle enamel on square hardboard ceiling tiles. His elegantly simple paintings of wild animals, birds and village scenes were naïve, charming and sold quickly. Others were inspired by his success, and he agreed to take on five apprentices, mostly members of his family or his mother’s Makua tribe. But Tingatinga did not enjoy his success for long. One night in May 1972 he was shot dead by the Dar es Salaam police in what is generally described as a “case of mistaken identity”.
Though his painting career spanned only four years, Edward Saidi Tingatinga launched a painting industry in Tanzania. After his death his original six students organized themselves in a group that came to bear his name. The artists worked in a “naïve” style inspired by their teacher – some quite literally, and others expanding into new subjects and more elaborate, even baroque, styles. In the ensuing forty years Tingatinga painting has become the ubiquitous national art of Tanzania, in quality that ranges from very original naïve art to decorative but derivative work that is often dismissed as “airport” art. The work shown here is nearly all by members of the Tinga Tinga cooperative, but it represents the several distinct directions in which the style has evolved. Among the artists representing these directions in this exhibit are Omary Amonde, Mwamedi Chiwaya, Jafary Mimus, Rashidi Rubuni, Mohamed Charinda, Said Mkumba and Sayuki Matindiko.

Indigo Arts, a Gallery of Ethnographic, Folk and Contemporary Arts from Africa, Asia and the Americas, established in 1986, is located in the Crane Arts Building, Suite #104, 1400 North American St., Philadelphia, 19122. For further information contact Anthony Fisher at (215)765-1041, or click this link.

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Alright Okay: Solo Exhibition by Soumya Dhulekar

  • June 11th - August 13th
  • Second Thursday Reception: June 11th, 6 - 9 pm
  • The Archive Space
  • Wednesday - Saturday, 12- 6 pm
  • Free & Open To The Public

Alright Okay presents glimpses of a 22-year old’s adjustment to adulthood in Philadelphia. Featuring an installation, a zine, and three collages, this series of work marks pivotal moments over the past five months of the artist’s major doubt and overwhelming relief.

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InLiquid Presents Eric Fausnacht & Woodley White

  • June 11 – August 7, 2015
  • Second Thursday receptions: June 11 and July 9, 6-9pm
  • The Hall
  • Wed-Sat 12-6PM
  • Free & Open To The Public

InLiquid presents Point of Reference, featuring the work of InLiquid artist member Eric Fausnacht and guest artist Woodley White, at The Hall at Crane Arts from June 11 – August 7, 2015. The works of both artists are based around themed studies, each using careful observation and documentation to uniquely capture the familiar.

Eric Fausnacht paints portraits of domestic fowl in a contemporary/pop/baroque style. His paintings of roosters and chickens are depicted in a photo-realistic style brought together with an ornate baroque background, illuminating the regal portraiture of the subject matter. Fausnacht is a Philadelphia artist based out of Bucks County Pennsylvania, whose work is in private collections throughout the United States, Europe, Canada, and Asia. After receiving a BSE in Art Education from Millersville University of Pennsylvania, Fausnacht continued his education at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts and The Art Institute of Philadelphia. He has exhibited throughout the region, including Muse Gallery, Hicks Gallery, Bucks County Community College/Temple University and a numerous juried exhibitions. He is also a member of the Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen and the Designer Craftsmen of Philadelphia.

Woodley White’s history with bottles began with purchasing colognes from vendors in the markets of Philadelphia. The experience of selecting and purchasing the fragrances in each bottle inspired Woodley to begin drawing these vessels dozens at a time. Over the years Woodley’s love for bottles has grown and developed artistically from pencil drawings on notebook paper to acrylic paintings on large canvases. Woodley continues to find new ways to express his passion for bottles and replications of other objects he values. Woodley is a member of CIS’s Outside the Frame (OTF) Studios and has exhibited work at the Philadelphia Brighter Futures Awards, Dick Blick, Fringe Salon, Swarthmore Library, and 40th St. Artists in Residence, Philadelphia. Woodley’s paintings were also featured in a solo exhibit at Halycon Floats in 2014.

More Info: http://inliquid.org/happenings/inliquid-projects/crane-hall/point-of-reference-crane-hall/

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6Th Annual Contemporary Photography Exhibition

  • PPAC
  • Tuesday–Saturday · 10am - 6pm
  • Free & Open To The Public

Competition Jurors:
Whitney Richardson, Photo Editor, The New York Times & Producer, NYTimes Lens Blog
Paige West, Curator & Collector, West Collection & Gallery Owner, Mixed Greens, NYC

This years exhibition will include:
Markam Keith Adams, Samuel Archer, Philip Bagley, Leah Bank, Bonnies Barnes, David Basedow, Amy Becker, Matthew, Bender, Angelo Benedetto, Timothy Benston, Ava Blitz, Sarah Bloom, Art Braitman, Christopher Brown, Lori An Brunetti, James Bryan, Diane Burko, Clarissa Caponera, Samuel Cohen-Tanugi, Ronald Cooley, Rachel Cox, Francis, Crisafio, Aja Crites, Richard Davidson, Adam Davies, Gabriela De Jesus, William Douglas, Daniel Drufovka, Natan Dvir, Mark Farmer, Ray Felix, Uta Fellechner, Jessica Gamble, Paul Gargagliano, Matt Gehring, Clare Gillen, Thom Goertel, Kris Graves, Dana Greenblatt, Chelsea Griffith, Gary Grissom, Bill Hanson, Mikaela Hawk, Chris Heintze, Michelle Hetrick, Karina Hjort, Alexa Hoyer, Andrew Huth, Liz Jelsomine, Aubrey J. Kauffman, Sarah Kaufman, E.A. Kennedy, Michael Koehler, Susan Kott, Eric Lawton, Jane Lyons, Yael Malka, Lynne Mass, Nicholas Mehedin, Joe Mikuliak, Janice Milhem, Paolo Morales, Robert Moran, Charles Mostoller, Nina Mouritzen, Susan Nam, Francesca Pfister, Alexandra Pierce, Julia Pontes, Heather Quercio, Liana Rios, Alec Rogers, Lee Saloutos, Laurence Salzmann, Stephanie Seguino, Fred Siegel, Mark Steigelman, Charles Stonewall, John Stritzinger, Shawn Theodore, Lex Thompson, Marie Tomanova, Joe Van Eeckhout, Gili Yaari

More info at http://www.philaphotoarts.org/

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M.A.D (Mutual Assured Destruction)

  • July 9 - July 31
  • Reception: Thursday, July 9
  • Gallery 105
  • Wednesday - Saturday 12-6PM
  • Free & Open To The Public
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  • July 9th, 2015
  • The Icebox
  • 7 pm – 9 pm
  • Free & Open to The Public

Silhouette is a dance performance made for the 100 foot wall at The Icebox in Philadelphia, PA. This piece will be performed by Anna Adams Stark, Liz Charky, Jessica Cook, Courtney Cooke, Katie Dean, Greer Dworman, Tess Dworman, Kyli Kleven and Steve May.

Kim Brandt has presented her work in New York City at The Kitchen, Movement Research, Aunts at The New Museum and Abrons Arts Center, Danspace Project, P.S. 122, Roulette, Center for Performance Research, Brooklyn Arts Exchange, Jack, Dixon Place and Bronx Academy of Arts and Dance, and at galleries including Elizabeth Dee, Josee Bienvenue, AVA, Industry City, Airplane, Pierogi, Five Myles and The Laundromat. Brandt received a BA from Hampshire College and a MFA from Tyler School of Art. She was a 2012 Space Grant recipient at Brooklyn Arts Exchange, is a 2015 resident artist at Issue Project Room, and is a 2015-16 recipient of The Award NYC.

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