Get Rid of Yourself and Alone, but Moving

Thursday, April 13th 2017
Icebox Project Space, Philadelphia PA

Get Rid of Yourself
Bernadette Corporation

Bernadette Corporation’s Get Rid of Yourself (2003) offers an incredibly complex look at protest and political resistance, and is as poignant now as upon initial release. Using a rich mixture of fact, fiction, narrative and document, the incredibly prescient Get Rid of Yourself offers a historical and primary account of the events surrounding the G8 riots in Genoa, Italy.

Get Rid of Yourself
Bernadette Corporation
2003, 61 min, color, sound

From Electronic Arts Intermix:

This complex, multi-layered work, called an “anti-documentary” by its authors, combines footage of rioting at the 2001 G-8 summit in Genoa with performances by Chloe Sevigny, Werner von Delmont and members of the Black Bloc anarchist group. These elements yield a disorienting and critical video that ultimately questions its own status and role as much as that of its subjects. The artists write that Get Rid of Yourself functions as “a cine-tract that aligns itself with nascent forms of political resistance within the anti-globalization movement… a filmed essay that works by betraying its own form.”

Made with the support of The French Ministry of Culture, Delegation aux Arts Plastiques (Image/Movement); Colin De Land, American Fine Arts, Co; MASSPOP.

Alone, but Moving
Shelby Donnelly

2017, edition of 50

The Icebox Project Space releases a limited number of editioned artist’s publications each year. This year’s first is Shelby Donnelly’s Alone, but Moving. A series of drawings housed in an innovative folio cover, Alone, but Moving is in part a meditation on the ways in which we experience film and video, and how that experience manifests itself in the artist’s practice.

From the artist:

Alone, but Moving is a series of drawings inspired by the practice of taking screenshots while watching films on a home computer. The drawings have subtitles collaged from reading, musical lyrics, film dialogue, and Donnelly’s own writing. Donnelly’s personal investigation of film becomes an outlet to articulate being and experience.

Shelby Donnelly is an interdisciplinary visual artist and educator.

Donnelly makes collages spanning practices in drawing, screenprinting, video, installation, and movement. Her work stages dramas that come from observing humanity’s relationship with ritual, ceremony, and spirituality and how that plays out in everyday existence and the subconscious. Incorporating fragments from cultural sources (film, novels, news), public spaces (parks, swimming pools) and materials (fabric, paper) the collages are a visual response or a way of “materializing gestures” – making physical what is ​typically an action.

For over a decade Donnelly has worked with youth and adults through The Mural Arts Program, The Philadelphia Museum of Art, The Fabric Workshop and Museum and University of the Arts. Her studio practice is tied to sharing art as an empowerment tool to overcome personal and social struggle as well as a space for celebration and sharing.

Donnelly has exhibited both internationally and nationally at International House Philadelphia’s Ibrahim Theater, The Fabric Workshop and Museum, the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam and the Haus der Kunst Museum. Donnelly was a ​2014 recipient of the Independence Foundation Artist Fellowship and traveled to Morocco to co-curate an exhibition of textiles made by Moroccan women at The Tangier American Legation. Donnelly attended artist residencies at Millay Artist Colony in New York,  the  Cité de Internationale in Paris, France, Soaring Gardens,  and  Second  State Press  in Pennsylvania.  Donnelly holds a B.F.A in Printmaking and Drawing from Washington University in St. Louis (2002) and a M.F.A in Material Studies from Tyler School of Art, Temple University (2008).

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