Future Perfect

The Icebox is pleased to announce Future Perfect, an ongoing project with exhibition, performance and publication on display February 2017.

Beginning in 2015, The Icebox has collected and published a yearly manual of predictions. Each edition was comprised of submissions from our greater community, and as such each individual prediction text is a reflection of where we are, and where we are going.

DEADLINE January 30th

For 2017, we aim to gather predictions from as many participants as possible. We are moving to a more timely and accessible platform, Twitter, and invite anyone to let us know what you see ahead. All predictions submitted in 2017 will be featured on the Icebox’s official Twitter account, @IceboxProjects. Feel free to direct your predictions towards us across all social media platforms by using the hashtags #futureperfect, or email your prediction directly to us at iceboxprojects@gmail.com. Please keep your entry to a maximum of 420 characters (3 tweets).

In February we will line the Icebox with the text of each prediction, constructing a space from our collective thoughts. At the opening reception, February 9th, a selected group of artists will perform a prediction of their choosing from the walls, however they see fit. All predictions will also be available as a printed book, a guide for 2017. Join us in our collective fortune telling, submit as many predictions as you like, and please share with your friends. Happy new year from the Icebox Project Space!


Future Perfect

Opening Reception February 9th, 2017

Exhibition Feb 9-25th

Icebox Project Space at Crane Arts


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