Begin Where You Are

  • Icebox
  • August 14th - September 13th, 2014
  • Closing Reception: September 11th from 6 – 9pm
  • Wed - Sat 12-6pm / Mon – Wed by appointment
  • Free & Open To The Public

Begin Where You Are presents a broad range of artists living in Philadelphia, each with distinct modes of working, yet connected by an earnest vitality representative of the city itself. The integrity of each artist’s practice, combined with unique conversations across works throughout the show creates a complicated and contemplative dialogue. A renewed appreciation for the breadth and complexity of our common place is forged through these new relationships.

Exhibiting Artists:
Eric Abaka, Stefan Abrams, Anthony Campuzano, Micah Danges, Christopher Davison, Dechemia, Tim Eads, Kevin Finklea, Sarah Gamble, Tyler Kline, Kocot and Hatton Patrick Maguire, Virgil Marti, Quentin Morris, Eileen Neff, Karyn Olivier, Daniel Petraitis, Shelley Spector, Becky Suss, Paul Swenbeck, Shanna Waddell, Linda Yun, Marc Zajack

Off-site Interlude – Laura Bernstein
Saturday, 8/23, 7pm – I am the One Who Knocks, New Dreamz
Saturday, 9/06, 7pm – Kris Harzinski & Will Haughery, Meg Foley
Saturday, 9/13, 5pm – Elisa Gabor, Meg Foley

Curated by Anna Neighbor, Timothy Belknap and Ryan McCartney

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