Systematic Devotion

  • Gallery 102
  • April 10th-27th 2013
  • Second Thursday Opening: April 11th 6-9:30
  • Wed-Fri 12-6 Sat 12-5
  • Free & Open To The Public

Candace Karch, artist, curator and formally of Bambi Art Gallery along with John Margraff 2nd, curator and chef of the authentic Salon Margraff in Santa Fe, New Mexico, are lifelong friends. Their simpatico philosophies lead them to Painter, Diane McGregor, Metal Smith, Ken Derengowski, and mixed media artists, Madelin Coit, Joseph leroux, Jennifer Joseph and Chis Collins.

“Systematic Devotion” defines how six artists communicate method, placement and discipline in the world.

Madelin Coit applies raw material- mesh, chicken wire, and insulation to create an order and continuity in aesthetic and intention. Depending on how each piece is lit, shadows from the density and transparency of her materials create another appearance. Diane McGregor’s work is an exercise in a repetition of the grid. These process-driven abstractions reference patterns of order and randomness in nature. Jennifer Joseph and Chris Collins are exhibiting the installation “The Rapture Project”. This piece began during a conversation about the end of time. The included works on paper are shot, and intentionally aimed, with a 40 caliber Glock. Ensuing bullet holes are gilded 24K gold referring to a swarm of 24k gold bullets on the floor. Joseph Leroux’s new installation contains manipulations of iconic images and objects through repetitive processes that alter the surface, color and texture. Interactions between the objects and images expose narratives of conflicting states of hostility, vulnerability and empowerment stemming from a personal societal experience. Each component within this work plays a part within a larger narrative. Parts of this piece have been pre fabricated, but the entirety of the work remains to be seen until it’s completed in the space. Ken Derengowski’s is a metal smith. The gemstone known as a diamond has captured humanity for thousands of years. His installation, “Manufactured”, made of discarded McDonald’s French fry boxes, are meticulously folded into diamond shapes, and hung with such precision, like he has cut the diamonds himself. The awe and sparkle in recycled paper is reflected as if it were the history of a real diamond.

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