• The Icebox
  • Tuesday, Nov. 6th, 2012
  • Time to be announced
  • Free and Open To The Public

More Info: https://www.facebook.com/DividedTheParty

Because we believe that art reflects the world in which it exists, politics and art often intersect. As we approach the 2012 presidential election, we want to create a show that depicts the ever-growing tension in our intense political climate.

The divisive tension between the Republican candidate Mitt Romney and current President Barack Obama is a highly dramatized and entertaining bout. Therefore, we are “celebrating” this historical and entertaining event by throwing an election party. The irony is that this party will occur at the Ice Box Gallery in the Crane Arts Building on election night, juxtaposing the notion of an entertaining party next to contention between the political parties, both existing within the context of a gallery opening, which is a party in its own right. This play on the word “party” will drive the show.

The show will consist of a red section and a blue section. Each section will have shelves lined with “solo party cups.” These cups will be cast in porcelain and contain the presidential face and name on them. Political posters will line the walls. Each poster will contain select catch phrases or slogans from the respective candidates. The posters will satirize the current political climate that we find ourselves in, particularly that political ideology influences our processing of ambiguous political messages. As a result, political debate in this country is actually nothing at all like debate. Common sense is lost and rational voices typically fall to the wayside and end up yielding ground to whoever shouts the loudest, effectively inhabiting two separate unbridgeable worlds that drift further and further apart. The posters will utilize various printmaking techniques and contain bold type to mimic the shouting contest that all political debates eventually succumb to. The posters will be somewhat ambiguous with undertones of humor, because behind nearly every good joke is a point that’s funny because it’s true. We are a divided country. Our political debate reflects that and we want this show to reflect that as well. Much like it is with our political parties, the guests at our party will be forced to “choose a side.”

There will be a live news feed of the election results as they come in and with their entrance fee, guests will be able to select one ceramic solo cup to drink their beer from during the evening. The cup is theirs to keep. The whole night will be recorded and the way that the space changes will be considered part of the show.

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