• UD@Crane
  • September 13 to October 11
  • Receptions: Thursday, September 13 / Thursday October 11, 6 pm to 9 pm
  • Thurssday through Saturday 12 to 5
  • Free and Open To The Public

University of Delaware / Art Department Presents:
The first exhibition of the season at UD@Crane looks at the notion of contemporary landscape. Ideas of Landscape are loaded with history, meaning, social significance and obviously geography. This exhibition uses work from regional artists and UD MFA Alumni to not only explore the notion of landscape as place, but also as a signifier of individual proximity to other. Elements of longing, metaphor, history, narrative, ideal space, created space and personal relationships will be explored in the work of these six selected artists.

Landscape features:
Michael Allen, Emily Bowser, Nancy Breslin, Ron Longsdorf, Erin Murray, John Woodin

FREE Bus for the UD Community for both receptions, contact or call 302-832-2244

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