• The Icebox
  • July 23rd – July 25th
  • Reception: Tuesday, July 24th 6-9pm
  • Free & Open To The Public

In the summer of 2012, sixteen starving artists left their homes for the golden promised land of North Philadelphia. These chosen few gathered at Tyler School of Art for seven weeks to upend the jaded inertia of contemporary art and give birth to a new order. There they toiled, questioning the very nature of art itself, the world’s only guardians against the weary cynicism of modernity and the fast approaching End of Days. It was only by the tireless effort of these brave warriors that the Apocalypse itself might have been, temporarily, averted. In an age ruled by lewd, twerking demons, bath-salt zombies and reality television, they forged with their combined power a shield of light against the quickening darkness, and quietly, thanklessly, saved your mortal souls. The array of works, wrought of their pious labor, represents the last great hope for painting, for sculpture, for art, and for the universe itself; crafted from the mighty hands of interdimensional space-angels. This exhibition stands as a physical manifest of the ultimate achievement of art, of all human reason and meaning, the pinnacle and culmination of History and life. When you leave, the world begins anew, a great cycle completed in the age of humankind, and your life will never be the same again. Light refreshments will be served.

Exhibiting Artists: Jessica Carter, Yu Hsiu Chen, Kristina Denzel, Kate Eggleston, Carl Glasemeyer, Phaan Howng, Max Kaplan, Eung-Sun Lee, Kate Liebman, Annie Benjamin Miller, Paula Molnar, Rebecca J. Morris, Julie Prasanti, Aliza Sternstein, Anna Taylor, Allison Zuckerman

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