Italian Video Today + Myth/Memory

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Jan 21, 2010

Crane Arts holds a Second Thursday reception tonight for two new exhibits. Showcasing the work of 12 Italian filmmakers, Italian Video Today surveys diverse accounts of social and individual identity. In Lago Morto, Nico Vascellari – the lead singer of hardcore punk band Lago Morto – examines underground youth culture surrounding his band as they perform at 15 unique locations around Vittorio Veneto; in The Empirical Effect, Rosa Barba articulates Italy’s uncertain political climate by identifying it with the volcano Vesuvius. Offering an expansive portrait of a nation in flux, the 12 films address issues of immigration, colonialism, labor, and bourgeois decadence. In Myth/Memory, the idea that materials embody the values inscribed from their historical uses is investigated by Philadelphia-based artist Melinda Steffy. Presenting simple materials such as tarnished copper, spice tumeric, and burnt paper, the fragmentary textures and pieces tell stories of sustainability, numerology, entropy and improvisation.

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