Troupe de Fetishe


October 6th – October 31st, 2010
Panel Discussion: Friday, October 29, 2010, 5:30PM (open to the public)

Location: The Ice Box
Hours: Wed-Fri, 12-6pm & Oct. 24th, 12-6pm * closed all other weekends

“Troupe de Fetishe”, an experimental, large-scale video installation, explores the fetishistic desire to understand reality thru mediated imagery. With its impressive visuals and dark yet quirky narrative, “Troupe de Fetishe” addresses the role digital technology plays in the fabrication and control of constructed realities.

“Troupe de Fetishe” tells the story of Oskar Vanderwold, an eccentric “tinkerer” who manipulates and cares for a troupe of flea circus performers. His ornate flea circus is a hand constructed miniature model that fits inside an antique cigar box. It is a macabre world of surreal spectacle, adorned with a series of miniature circus attractions complete with chariots, a trapeze swing, a high dive, and ring of fire.

Throughout the piece, detailed images of the circus reveal information about Vanderwold. The closer our view becomes, the more details we gather about his character but also the more difficult it becomes to believe the authenticity of the spectacle he has created.

“Troupe de Fetishe” was custom designed for the Dataton WATCHOUT video system and the ICE BOX Project Space.  This collaborative project was inspired by and designed specifically to utilize the unique compositing capabilities, the 4K video projection, the surround sound technologies and the large panoramic screen space recently made possible in the ICE BOX Project Space by the Crane Arts, LLC. FIND OUT MORE ABOUT ICE HERE

The collaborative artistic team will discuss the aesthetic, theoretical and technical concerns of the project in context of other large-scale video installations and high-definition video workflow. Please join us for the closing reception and informal dialogue!
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