Ethnographic Terminalia

et_logo_600pxDecember 2 – 20, 2009
Reception: Friday, December 4th, 6pm – 9pm & Thursday, December 10th
Location: Ice Box
Hours: Wed – Sun 12-6pm

From 2-20 December 2009, the Icebox Project Space at Crane Arts will feature an innovative group
exhibition entitled Ethnographic Terminalia. Scheduled to coincide with the annual meeting of the American Anthropological Association, this year in Philadelphia, the curators have brought together an international group of artists and ethnographers who are actively engaged in experimental and emergent cultural forms. Visitors are invited to join in a multisensorial happening that challenges the boundaries and borders that demarcate the margins of ethnographic, anthropological, and art practices. In this ground-breaking exhibition, a diverse group of artists and anthropologists present boundary troubling works in eleven separate installations. Each installation project in Ethnographic Terminalia offers a thought provoking and playful (or agitating) alternative to considering what lies
both beyond and within imagined and constructed boundaries of the skilled practices of artists and ethnographers.

This exhibition features original works by: Trudi-Lynn Smith; Erica Lehrer and Hannah Smotrich; Kate Hennessy and Oliver Neumann; Marko and Gordana Zivkovic; Chris Fletcher; Roderick Coover; Jayasinhji Jhala; Craig Campbell; Mike Evans and Stephen Foster; Stephanie Spray; and Scott and Jen Webel. While these works are deployed within the rubric of anthropology they answer visual and aesthetic questions in unique and particular fashion, decentering the priviledged categories of both ethnography and art through various mediums.

According to the curatorial team: “This exhibit will be of great interest not only to professional anthropologists but other publics as well. By drawing the studied methodologies of ethnography into a familiar art environment this collective exhibition delivers an all too uncommon challenge to disciplinary and professional boundaries. By engaging with the politics of representation, memory, documentation, and archive Ethnographic Terminalia will impress upon all visitors their own stake in the interpretation of cultural worlds.” The works presented in Ethnographic Terminalia address the possibility of showing and interpreting cultural worlds outside of the traditional cinematic, museological, and textual frameworks of Cultural Anthroplogy while challenging the art world to consider the sensuous complexities and textures of everyday life.

Curatorial Team:
Craig Campbell (University of Texas – Austin)
Fiona McDonald (University College London)
Anabelle Rodriguez (Temple University)

Organizational team:
Kate Hennessey (Vancouver, British Columbia. Canada)
Stephanie Takaragawa (Los Angeles, CA)

Supported by: The Society for Visual Anthropology, Crane Center for the Arts, Américo Paredes
Center for Cultural Studies (University of Texas at Austin), Workshop for Intermedia
Ethnographies, Chris Fletcher (University of Alberta), Mike Evans (Community, Culture and Global
Studies at University of British Columbia, Okanagan), University College London.

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