Merián Soto’s Postcards from the Woods

woodsDates: Wednesday, September 16th – Saturday, September 19th
Hours: Various (click here to view schedule)
Location: Ice Box
Link: Buy Tickets online here

Enter a space of reverie where performers dance with branches as long as 20 feet. A massive video installation projects nature in extreme close-up covering walls, dancers, branches, and the audience in snowstorms, wind-blown leaves, and moving water. The interplay between video and dancers produces fantastical shadows that frame the abstract images of the natural world. Size and perspective morph in relation to shadow and light, and—like a hall of mirrors—everything becomes reflective.

Amid a hypnotic soundscape, dancers ever-so-slowly shift their bodies to accommodate the shifting balance of the massive branches. A sense of danger enshrouds the room, as the precarious symmetry of dancer and branch—despite their gentle beauty—is forever on the precipice of destruction. Postcards from the Woods continues Merián Soto’s States of Gravity & Light series which has included the Wissahickon Park Project (performed throughout the park) and States of Gravity & Light, Vol. 2 (2007 Live Arts Festival).

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