Nicole Wilson – Pink Dandelion Project

54June 1 – July 31, 2009
Reception: Saturday July 11, 2009. 1 – 3pm
Location: Crane Arts Archive Space
Hours: Wed – Sun 12-6pm
Press: Tickled Pink by Dandelions

The Pink Dandelion Project is a research project funded and developed to create a pink dandelion. For ten weeks dandelions will be growing in a shelving unit that extends from floor to ceiling in the Archive Space at the Crane Arts Building in Philadelphia. During the dandelion growth period the project will produce a variety of dandelion products and allow the time and the resources to develop a pink breed of dandelion. At the end of the project, the pink dandelion will be capable of sowing its seeds with other dandelions. This arduous new breed would have the potential to make what is not viewed as beautiful, beautiful. The magic in the possibility to make a pink dandelion is what will make its fabrication feasible.

Progress can be monitored at:

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